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BGAN GigaMax Service
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BGAN GigaMax - Usage Only up to 1 GB - then UNLIMITED!
Page updated June 6, 2018
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Do you require a BGAN service plan that never suspends but has a fixed cost for using unlimited Internet? Ground Control is pleased to introduce BGAN GigaMax service that takes out the posibility of run-away BGAN bills. When service is really needed, such as an emergency backup communication link, the most that can be charged in any one month is 1,000 Megabyges of usage. Over that is unlimited and free to any BGAN terminal worldwide for the remainder of the month.
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BGAN GigaMax - Usage Only Service
Global Use - All BGAN Terminals

Free Shipping Worldwide
BGAN GigaMax Service - Usage Only Internet + Unlimited at 1 Gigabyte
This BGAN Internet service from Ground Control is a usage only service charging only $4.99 USD per Megabyte transferred each month, and any usage above 1,000 Megabytes is free and unlimited until the 1st of the next month. This BGAN plan does not suspend for any reason and is ideal for professionals who require a backup or emergency Internet and phone connection no matter the location on the planet. Speeds of GigaMax are shared and may be impacted if network congestion is present. Phone calls post use billed at $0.99/min to any landline or cellphone worldwide, free incoming calls. SMS texting billed $0.50 per outgoing, free incoming texts.
$89 USD Per Month
$4.99 per Megabyte
Unlimited Use Over 1 Gig

1 year minimum term

Annual Payment - $999
6 Month Term - $120/month

Or Order By Phone or Email
 BGAN GigaMax Service Details
  bullet BGAN GigaMax service may require credit approval, a credit card and/or deposit.
  bullet GigaMax service has a one year minimum term.
  bullet All plans renew monthly on the 1st of each month and any usage in the previous month is counted toward a standard billing cycle.
  bullet Mid-Month activations will receive a prorated allowance for the first month of activation if the activation date does not occur on the first of the month.
  bullet Incoming voice calls are free, however the calling party will be charged at their provider's rates to call to your satellite phone.
  bullet Voice calls over BGAN service do not use available Megabytes, meaning there is no extra charge other than standard BGAN Calling Rates.
  bullet Please request voicemail services be activated. Activation of voicemail is free. BGAN Voicemail Instructions.
  bullet BGAN terminals operate in any country with the 4 Inmarsat satellites without any plan changes. No licence or certification required.
  bullet GigaMax service is for land based subscribers only.
  bullet Inmarsat reserves the right to slow speed (but not suspend) up to 128 Kbps if over 30 Gigabytes are used in a month.
  bullet GigaMax service renews on the last day of the month at 11:59:59 PM GMT time. Usage after that time counts toward a new month.
  bullet Optimized your laptops and smartphones with these techniques to get the most out of your data connection.

Optional BGAN Add-On Services
Optimize Connected Devices and Save $
BGAN service is very expensive, but if one takes steps to minimize the amount of data a connected laptop-smartphone-tablet uses, then portable BGAN terminal are useful anywhere!
Advice On Configuring
  Info link
Static - Public IPs
Publicly routable IP addresses are available.
Public IP address are not required if using IPSec VPN service.
$25 monthly, $75 quarterly,
or $300 annually
  Info link
Add A Local Phone Number
Give your BGAN satellite phone a local number for most any country or any area code for the United States. Make it easy for others to call you on your BGAN phone.
$10 /month +
  Info link
Multi-User "SCAP" Plans - Buy a block of Gigabytes that are shared by a group of BGAN terminals (or SIM cards). Organizations that have more than one BGAN terminal can use SCAP plans to pull from a pool of Gigabytes. Service not used by one or more terminal can be used by others for excellent overall cost savings. Case-by-case pricing   Info link
BGAN M2M Service - Remote Unmanned Ethernet Ports
Monitor and control any remote device anywhere on the planet for a low $24 a month. An excellent service for controlling pumps, valves, weather stations, water levels, doors, even video surveillance... BGAN M2M equipment is inexpensive, yet operates unmanned in extremely harsh environments.
Multiple plans
start at $24
per month
  Info link
BGAN Firewall
Limit BGAN traffic (and expenses) to only certain destinations.
$0 per month   Info link
Add Steaming Services
Add the pay-per-minute unshared data service to your BGAN Prepaid plan above by including a refundable deposit for using the streaming service. Streaming services are used for live video feeds.
Charged per minute  Please Call
Steaming Services Only
For those that want to use only the streaming service, and not purchase a Prepaid plan above.
Charged per minute   Info link
BGAN Security - Firewalls - VPN - Private Networks
Ground Control offers several ways to secure your BGAN connection.
Multiple options   Info link
BGAN Portal - System Monitoring Portal
Show usage - track - location - monitor - control portal for BGAN.
$19 /month per terminal   Info link
Blank BGAN SIM Cards
Purchase one or more "blank" BGAN SIM cards to have on hand and activate to any plan above at any time in the future. Free shipping to anywhere in the world.
$5 per SIM
(Free shipping
  Info link

BGAN Sim Card
Similar to cellphones, a BGAN terminal can only operate with an active BGAN SIM card inserted into the SIM slot on the terminal. If you purchase a BGAN terminal with service from us, we'll activate, configure and test the system to make sure it's fully operational before we ship it out. More on BGAN SIM cards

BGAN Services
Since Inmarsat does not sell BGAN service direct, Ground Control provides the monthly or prepaid BGAN services to any subscriber at any time. With Prepaid service, you are purchasing a set number of Megabytes/Gigabytes that can be transferred over the course of the valid period. All Megabytes will be available until they are used, or the valid period expires. Refilling or "Topping-Up" a PrePaid plan may happen at any time by emailing us or using this BGAN TopUp Page. For more information on BGAN, please read "What is BGAN".

BGAN Inmarsat Coverage Map
Global Coverage & Service
With Ground Control service, BGAN terminals may connect anywhere on the globe except for the north and south poles. If you are within one of the three colored regions, you may connect at broadband speeds, as well as make and receive phone calls from anywhere. more

BGAN Ready Case
BGAN Ready Cases
Place your BGAN terminal inside of a hardened all weather case. Includes everything needed to make your global mobile office.
BGAN Ready Cases.

BGAN Main Page Graphic
BGAN Main Page
Ground Control is an expert in all things BGAN. Here is a link to our main BGAN page for information on equipment and and support on using BGAN from anywhere in the world. more

BGAN Photo Gallery - Click to view
BGAN Photo Gallery

Why Choose Ground Control?
While there are other resellers you could choose to purchase your BGAN equipment and service from... with Ground Control, you are working with a BGAN Internet Service Provider and not a reseller. We also provide a no-cost BGAN firewall option for high-security, and auto-registration pre-configuration for one-button activations... and many many other benefits. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative to help you find the most cost effective satellite communications solution for any situation.

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