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BGAN M2M Service
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A poll is simply a term we use at Ground Control to show any communication over the BGAN M2M network (normally under 1 Kilobyte) with one or more devices connected to the BGAN terminal To or From any authorized destination on the Internet. Polls are not a limitation on the BGAN M2M network, but simply refer to how our clients often use the connection. The BGAN M2M network is a standard Internet connection.

Many organizations 'poll' their remote equipment many times a day, or remote equipment may auto-send or 'push' information to a destination. Since the minimum billing increment of BGAN M2M service is 1 Kilobyte and not 100 Kilobytes with other BGAN services, we refer these small communications as a poll.

The advertised daily "poll" numbers were found by dividing the monthly Megabytes available by 1 Kilobyte... So a 2 Megabyte monthly plan could have up to 2000 "Polls" in a month, or 66 polls per day.

BGAN M2M service is an open 24 x 7 x 365 high speed TCP-IP Internet network connection that acts identically to any other Internet connection and should be viewed of in those terms.

Daily polling amounts are for reference only. A subscriber may use the entire monthly plan allotment transferring one file/stream if desired.

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