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BGAN M2M List of Supported Countries with Ground Control
Ground Control offers BGAN M2M service & Hughes 9502 equipment to almost all countries, very few of which have red tape or additional paperwork needed for implimentation. Shipping of the Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminals is from several key distribution channels on 3 continents. This is helpful for quick testing and implementation.

For private networking, an MPLS or leased line may be connected from any company network from any country to one of the Inmarsat network hubs located in New York, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Italy, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, and London England.

Please write us at for details of specific country requirements.

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BGAN Inmarsat Coverage Map
Global Coverage & Service
BGAN M2M service is available globally except for extreme polar regions. M2M service uses the same I4 Inmarsat satellites as standard BGAN service.

Information on BGAN M2M Coverage

Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M Terminal

Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M Terminal
As of February 2012, only the Hughes 9502 BGAN terminal is capable of using the BGAN M2M service.
Ultra-Low power consumption
Extreme Operation - cold or hot
Easy no-laptop installation
Low cost - $1,195 per terminal

Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN Terminal

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