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Optimized Laptops for Satellite Networks
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  High-Performance Optimized Laptop - Windows 10 Pro
Controls background data used over any network
Specially optimized laptops are configured by Ground Control for optimal performance over any network
that are looking for a Windows 10 solution.
BGAN Optimized Laptop  
 Optimized Laptop - Windows 10 Pro
  Optimized Laptop

  Worldwide shipping available

Price: $750 USD

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BGAN service can be very expensive to transfer data so we've developed the Optimized Laptop running Windows 10 Pro to eliminate background applications using your limited speed and valuable Internet service. Take control of what is transferred over ANY network.

The Ground Control optimized Windows 10 laptops boot in less than 15 seconds and run any installed app lightning quick... (Please check the boot time on your Windows 10 computer for a comparison). These laptops are modified with 6 GB of RAM with an SSD C: drive and a secondary 1TB D: drive that easily handle any task or application... limiting the background telemetry used by Windows 10 default settings. Bloatware and other Windows background apps are also eliminated so they don't use valuable and limited Inmarsat satellite network resources, as well as impacting the speed of the connected BGAN device. This laptop includes many features including web blockers and background script blockers that block the lions share browser usage. We include an email client (Mozilla Thunderbird) that will download only the headers of emails so data heavy attachments and images are not downloaded unless you click on them. One of our included Apps shows one instantly how much data is used by all existing and new applications at any given time. This one feature alone offers insight and control over this expensive Internet connection. Use it to limit what Apps may use your Internet connection at any time.

BGAN Optimized Laptop

The idea behind the Optimized Laptop is that the user is back in control on a Windows 10 machine of what is being transferred over the network... not bloatware... not background Apps... and not Microsoft telemetry.

Real-Time usage reports on what has and is been transferred is invaluable... Use it to tweak your system to the ultimate of performance over the network.

With the high cost of satellite data, this laptop can pay for itself in short order, not to mention increasing performance.

Optimized Laptop Features:
Compatible with ALL BGAN terminals, the iSavi.
May install any program or application that can be installed on a Window 10 machine.
Compatible with ALL networks from any Internet provider.
Optimized laptops eliminate Windows 10 telemetry over WiFi.
Optimized laptops can delay forced security updates for over a month.
Web Optimization - Adblocker & Pause MPEG Auto-Start installed on Firefox browser.
Easy use firewall - Alerts when a new application is trying to use the Internet.
Usage reports - Know the amount of data sent or received at any time.
Application specific usage reports - Know what apps are using the Internet, and how much.
Optimized email client - Universal email client configured to download headers only, click to read body.

Optimized Laptop Features:

Windows 10 Pro - 64 bit operating system
+10 hour battery life
SSD (Solid State Drive) For C: Drive - Fast Boot Times
CPU - Intel Core i3 8th Gen. Up to 3.4 GHz
RAM - 6 GB Dual Channel
WiFi - 802.11ac
Integrated WebCam and microphone (for video conferencing)
USB Ports - 3 USB 3.1 and 1 USB 2.0
SD card reader
15.6 inch bright LED backlit display - 1920 x 1080 widescreen.
Weight - 5.3 lbs
Dimensions - 15 x 10.2 x 1.2 inches

Optimized Laptop

Optimized Laptop Specifications
Operating System Genuine Windows® 10 Professional 64 bit
Processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core i3 with 3.4 GHz boost
RAM 6 GB Dual Channel
Display 15.6 Inches - 1920 x 1080 widescreen
I/O  Ports 3 - USB 3.1
1 - USB 2.0
1 - SD card reader
1 - HDMI
1 - RGB Port
1 - Headphone Phone Jack Port
Hard Drive C: Drive - SSD 128 GB For High Performance
D: Drive - 1 Terabyte Disk Drive
Webcam Yes
Battery +10 hour operation time - Li-Ion battery
Wireless 802.11ac


15 x 10.2 x 1.2 inches

Weight 5.3 lbs
* Product specifications are subject to change without notice - Often with better performance ratings

Final Thoughts
Windows 7 has been our preferred operating system for BGAN satellite terminals because it allowed full control over ALL aspects of what was being transferred over the network. This is unlike Windows 10 that has too many to count background Apps and telemetries that occur unnoticed, impacting a very limited and very expensive network resource.

Microsoft ended sales of new laptops with Windows 7 so we've spent hours with specialists to create an Optimized Windows 10 Laptop that places the owner in control as much as possibly can be expected. Note that Windows 10 can not completely be configured to eliminate all unwanted traffic (by design), but this Laptop will get as close as one can and let the owner see what does actually happen on their network.

Finally, this laptop is indeed a standard Windows 10 computer that is fully able to install and use any necessary program to your specific requirements. Stay productive anywhere you go.

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