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  Add Funds To ANY Existing BGAN Sim Card
Ground Control makes adding funds to your exiting BGAN Sim Card Easy. Simply select amount you wish to add, enter your 18 digit Ground Control BGAN Sim Card number, and we will add these funds to your BGAN account within one business day.

BGAN Refilling
For Ground Control BGAN Service Plans
Global Use
(Cost in US Dollars)
  Add To Existing BGAN Card - Anytime
       Add to your existing Usage Only or Prepaid BGAN account at any time.
       Simply select the deposit you wish to add, and the 18 digit Sim Card        number printed on the Sim Card.

       Note, Ground Control processes added funds during normal
       business hours. Please allow 1 business day for the deposit to
       be entered.
Select Amount To Add
Enter Sim Card #
   There are no added fees for adding funds to your card. All funds will be added to your account/card.
   Funds added here are only applied to usage during the existing term of that card.
   For renewing BGAN Service, please contact Ground Control Sales.








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