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Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN Enclosure
Price - $452 USD for 16" x 18" Enclosure (when purchased with a 9502 terminal) SKU: BGANAH0014
Price - $438 USD for 12" x 14" Enclosure (when purchased with a 9502 terminal) SKU: BGANAH0015
Hughes 9502 Enclosure Enclosure Features
Sealed enclosure specifically designed for Hughes 9502
NEMA rated Type 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 and 13 - info
All weather, lockable enclosure, hardened plastic durability
Hughes 9502 IDU Securing Bracket
3 - Two Amp DC Breakers (to support additional devices)
2 - External Cable Access Ports with an additional 2 ports.
Pre-Wired short antenna cable, Ethernet and power leads.
The Hughes 9502 terminal is not included with the enclosure and must be purchased separately.

Hughes 9502 Enclosure Brochure Hughes 9502 Enclosure Brochure
Brochure Contents May Be Dated. Please
refer to this web page for current information
on the Hughes 9502 Enclosure
Hughes 9502 Enclosure on grass   Hughes 9502 Straped In
The Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN Enclosure for Inmarsat is sealed, with 1 antenna connection and two cable ports prefabricated into the design. There are two locking clasps on the side of the enclosure for easy access. The enclosure is NEMA rated at Type 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 and 13. Here is a link to Enclosure Classifications.
Inside, the Hughes 9502 uses a aluminum strap to secure it to the backplate (also aluminum) of the enclosure. The securing strap is normally $27 and is included in the price of the enclosure.
Hughes 9502 Enclosure Antenna Short Cable   Enclosure Antenna Port
The Enclosure includes a short TNC to Type N bulkhead cable connector (to the exterior of the enclosure). The 10 meter antenna cable (included with the Hughes 9502), is shown connected here.
It is recommended to use teflon tape to assure that a water tight seal is made with all cable connections. Here the Hughes 9502 antenna is shown connecting directly to the bulkhead Type N connector.
Cable Ports   Cable Seal
There are two cable ports on the bottom of the enclosure. Also included are two cable seals or "cord grips", that will create a water-tight seal around any cable.
The "Cord Grip" connectors screw into the cable access ports. One connector is rated for cable diameters from 0.178 to 0.312 inches, while the other is rated at 0.312 to 4.37 inches.
Cable Rubber Inset   2 Amp Breakers
Inside the "Cord Grip" connectors is a rubber seal. This is the smaller connector rated at 0.187 to 0.312 inch cable diameter size. You may use electrical tape to build up the cable size to fit this seal.
A short DIN rail has 3 - Two Amp DC circuit breakers, one can be used for the Hughes 9502, and the others for any customer installed equipment.
Enclosure Back   Enclosure backside
The enclosure has 4 mounting holes, two of which are on top, and two are on the bottom.
  A view of the back of the enclosure.
Enclosure Hindge   Enclosure Clasp
This close-up shows the rubber seal, as well as the hinge that keeps the enclosure door securely fastened.
There are 2 locking clasps that hold the enclosure door shut.
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