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Iraq Satellite Internet & Phone
For Fixed
- Mobile & Portable Satellite Systems
Ground Control (a U.S. based company) provides Premium Grade iDirect Broadband Internet and Phone Communication industries located in Iraq. Premium grade means speeds are shared with a few other subscribers and not hundreds. This concept is called "Contention Ratio" and it is a how many providers can advertise fast speeds at low monthly costs, but deliver much less.

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Global iDirect Coverage Map
Global Ku-Band for Fixed or Mobile VSAT Satellite Dish Service
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Transfer Speeds Service Monthly Price
U.S. Dollars
Satellite Internet Plans
Dynamic Contention
Unlimited Use Internet
Custom Plans
From 128 Kbps to 5,000 Kbps
or faster

Create any upload and download speed and email us for a quote
best suited for your region.
Please call or email us for a quote
Standard Phone Service
VoIP Over Satellite
Standard phone service (PSTN / Public Telephone Network) over your satellite connection. Uses any standard corded or cordless phone. Service includes 1000 minutes free each month (16.6 hours).
1000 Free Minutes
More Info
► 1 static-public IP included with all accounts. Additional static IPs are available.
► All plans are for one year term that reverts to month-to-month at the end of the term.
Use your existing iDirec satellite equipment with Ground Control.
► Call for installation availability or become a certified installer online with purchase of system & service.
► Satellite service is ideal when paired with VOIP phone service - crystal clear calling.
► All speeds are listed in Kilobits per second (Kbps).

Afghanistan Satellite VOIP   Phone Service In Iraq
$49.95 per month for 1000 minutes
Each phone has its own local number (U.S. based if you wish) to make make and receive crystal clear calls over a superior satellite connection. More

Satellite Dish Systems - Complete Kits
Ground Control recommends a 1.2 Meter satellite system for Iraqi clients on satellite IS-15 which has a very strong signal.
Satellite Dish System
The 1.2 Meter system above will include the Evolution X3 Satellite Router, the 1.2 Meter satellite dish with a 6 Watt BUC radio, cabling and a non-penetrating mount. This is everything needed to create a working high-speed connection except for the installation that requires a certified installer.

Online Installation Certification - $300 plus tool bag (if tools are not owned)
Avoid the cost of installation, which can significantly high in Iraq, by taking our online Installation Training & Certification course. Certified installers can assemble, point, and activate a satellite system with Ground Control. The advantage of being a certified installer is no installation costs, or costly repointing (such as after a storm), or moving of a system to a new location. And, if interested, there may be paid jobs you may be be interested in performing for us. Please note that certification is offered only to those who are purchasing a Ground Control system.
Online Training
Ground Control does require the enrollee own (or have access to) certain specialized satellite pointing tools. Enrollees may also purchase our certified installer tool bag that includes the tools necessary for satellite system installations.

Apply for the Ground Control Installation Training & Certification Course

Other Satellite Dish Connectivity Options

Case Based Solution
A Portable 1.2 Meter Satellite Dish

Consider having a portable Case-Based mobile satellite system and store it until you require it. This solution is easily mounted on a roof of a building, or on top of a vehicle roof rack. more

T-100 Communications Trailer
A Mobile - Transportable Hotspot

Ground Control manufactures the Toughsat T-100 Multi-Purpose Satellite Communications Trailer to create a half-mile (.82 Kilometers) wireless access point for any in-range device. An instant communications portal for any location. more

Other Portable Satellite Internet Options

Thuraya Satellite Internet  
Portable Satellite Terminals with Wi-Fi
Prices start at - $2,695 usd
These portable satellite Internet terminals are a bit higher priced, but they offer broadband Internet service as cheap as some large satellite dish services. Coverage spans all of the Eastern hemisphere from Africa & Europe to the Russian East coast and Australia.
Thuraya Satellite Internet Terminals

BGAN Terminals  
Portable Satellite Terminals - Global BGAN
Prices start at - $1,650 usd
These portable satellite terminals are global (except for the poles) and provide instant broadband Internet and phone no matter where it is located on the globe. BGAN terminals can be carried inside of a laptop case and can be used by anyone.
BGAN Portable Terminals

BGAN Hardened Case Solution  
Carry Portable BGAN Internet & Phone
Prices starting at $2,133 usd
A BGAN ready-case places a BGAN portable satellite terminal in a hardened all-weather case. Everything is included for creating a mobile office in any location in minutes. BGAN Ready Cases are excellent for backup communication and portability.
BGAN Hardened Cases

The Football Global Hotspot  
MCD-4800 - An Auto-Pointing Hotspot In A Case
Simply place the closed MCD-4800 watertight case under an open sky, and turn it on. In a minute it automatically becomes a broadband satellite connection with a wireless access for any in-range device up to 6 hours on a single charge.
MCD-4800 Information

Satellite Phones  
Satellite Phones
Iridium Extreme Price - $1,495 usd
The Iridium Extreme satellite phone works in any disaster area anywhere on the globe. Ground Control specializes in airtime support for the Extreme 24-7.
Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

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