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  Iridium 2-Stage Dialing  

Iridium phone numbers are international phone numbers that are often very expensive for the calling party to place. In many cases phone providers simply block international calls unless they have an international calling plan. Two-Stage dialing allows for U.S. and Canadian based callers to call a "local" (Phoenix Arizona) number that will connect you with any Iridium phone, and the cost to make the call is placed on the Iridium subscriber.

To use Iridium 2-Stage dialing from any phone, dial +1 480 768 2500, and follow the automated instructions asking for the Iridium subscriber satellite phone number.

Currently the Iridium subscriber will be charged $1.50 per phone minute on our Iridium Monthly Plans, or 60 units per minute on a Prepaid SIM.

Advantages of using Iridium 2-Stage Dialing:
> Callers are not blocked, or pay exorbitant rates for calling your Iridium phone.
> There are no activation or an extra monthly fee on your Iridium account. You only pay for the incoming call.
>> You have a 2nd phone number you can give out (along with your satellite phone number) to those where you wish to pay for the call. You can also use this service and issue your phone a local number for $10 a month and $1.50 a minute.
> You may still give out your satellite phone number for those who you wish to pay for the call.

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