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  Iridium GO! Internet Testing

It is our intent to reflect our actual findings of using the Iridium GO in order to give our buyers a realistic expectation of what the GO can really do with its Internet connection. Remembering that the GO became available on August 1st, 2014, we believe negative aspects of the service may improve over time.

GO! Internet Testing August 6th, 2014
- iPhone using Opera Mini Web Browser with Images turned off.
Internet connectivity from Atascadero California (home of Ground Control) under a big sky, using an iPhone were not good. Many dropoffs during 4 hours of testing. Was only successful loading one web page. Other features like SMS Instant messaging, email and voice calling were amazing! The GO really shines with these features if you are under a large enough sky.

GO! Internet Testing August 7th, 2014
- iPhone using Opera Mini Web Browser with Images turned off.
Testing proved to be a bit more reliable. Was able to download several web pages in about 2 to 3 minutes each. Verdict... passable for emergency use. Opera Mini does allow you to choose an image placeholder and select to download just that image.

GO! Internet Testing August 9th 2014 - iPhone using Opera Mini Web Browser with Images turned off and on.
The testing on this date was quite encouraging. Successfully loaded several web pages under 1 minute, such as (mobile CNN), and Gmail. Used Gmail webmail to send and receive emails. Also received a 41KB .jpg file as an attachment (using the Mail and Web App) that took 5 minutes to transfer (this translates to 1.1 Kbps speed). Also sent the same 41KB file (via Mail and Web) as an attachment that took 6 minutes to transfer (or about 0.9 Kbps speed). We did learn to turn off "Cellular Data" on our iPhone so communication is only over the Iridium satellite network. Please read the Mail And Web Users Manual for configuring all apps properly.

GO! Internet Testing August 14-16, 2014 - iPhone
We're starting to see a trend where it takes about 20 to 40 minutes of multiple unsuccessful attempts of opening a web page (including reestablishing the "web" connection") before the network starts to allow traffic. Our findings show that 10 unsuccessful connections must be made before the pipe opens, and the service begins to work. When it is working, pages load normally under one minute (if images are turned off)... and it's not too bad when images are turned on since Opera browser reduces the quality of the image so that it's less data intensive. Data savings can be over 85%, meaning you're only transferring 15% of the web page, for pretty good results.

GO! Internet Testing October 8, 2014 - iPhone
Today we wanted to share a real-time blow-by-blow of our connectivity using the Opera Mini browser on the GO. Testing started at 6:09 PM on a Wednesday night. Time stamps are from this starting time. Location was in Atascadero California under a fairly big sky.

00:00 - Logged into Iridium GO App
00:17 - (17 seconds) - Opened the Iridium "Mail and Web" App and clicked on "Web"
01:30 - (1 minute 30 seconds) - The Web and Mail App auto-opens the Opera Mini Web Browser.
02:30 - Entered the URL into the browser window and hit return
05:10 - Connection failed (however the Internet connection was not down).
05:23 - Reentered into the Opera browser and hit return
07:50 - Manually Aborted - Reentered into the Opera browser and hit return
10:42 - Text from appears in the browser
14:00 - page fully loaded with images
14:30 - Opened news story from page in a new tab
17:30 - Text appears from the news story on
18:23 - New story fully loaded with images
19:00 - Entered the URL into Opera browser
26:00 - Manually Aborted - Reentered into Opera browser
26:30 - Satellite Connection Disconnected (without warning). Had to manually check to see
             if the connection was still active in the "Mail and Web" App "Connection" option.
             Iridium needs to provide a real-time visual Alert when the Internet connection is lost.
             Currently one must manually open "Connection" in the Mail & Web App to see status. - Bad
27:22 - In the Mail and Web App, clicked on "Web" to reconnect to the Internet.
28:19 - Entered into the Opera browser
32:23 - Text appears from in the browser
33:20 - The page fully loaded with images

As you can see, in 33 minutes, only 3 pages were successfully loaded, along with one disconnection. Note that the Opera Mini browser was set to optimize images, so that image sizes are drastically reduced as much as 90%. While this optimization is good for the GO's slow Internet speed, the images themselves are smaller and more pixilated as a result.

Here is a Wishlist of Iridium GO features we would like to see in the future.

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