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+1 Local Phone Numbers for Iridium Satellite Phones
Worldwide Local Phone Numbers Available - For All Iridium Phones From Any Iridium Provider

All incoming calls to your satellite phone are free, however the calling party will be paying for making an "international" call and paying international calling rates. International calling rates differ between phone companies, and most all have international plans to lower these rates. Unfortunately, most phone providers simply BLOCK international calls, so it's not hard to see why adding a local number to your satellite phone may be essential.

All Iridium satellite phones have large somewhat intimidating looking international numbers that looks like: 011-881-772520732 ...Broken up, the 011 is the prefix for making an international call, the 881 is the "country code" of all iridium satellite phones, and the actual phone number is the last 9 digits. Altogether, the entire phone number is 15 digits long.

The advantages of having a local number are:

Callers won't have trouble calling because their phone provider "blocks" international calls.
Callers are not charged for international rates... only the standard long-distance charge.
Your satellite phone number is seen as a typical looking non intimidating number.

Standard +1 service from other providers is just for a U.S. clients with an Arizona based phone number. We offer local number service for most any city in the world at the same price!!!

Local Number for all US Area Codes and most cities worldwide
Ground Control can issue your satellite phone a local number from most any region in the world. The cost is $10 a month and $1.49 a minute for any incoming call made using our local number service. Sign-up is totally online and you control your phone number with a powerful web interface.

You don't need to be a Ground Control customer to use this service for your satellite phone.

Get more information at Iridium Local Number Service

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