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IsatDock Lite Brochure
IsatDock Lite
IsatDock Lite Users Manual
IsatDock Lite
Users Manaul
IsatDock Lite Solution
For Trucks, RV's, Marine, And Rural Installations

The IsatDock LITE for Inmarsat’s IsatPhone Pro allows for a semi-permanent installation for a variety of land applications, where easy access to voice communication is required.

The IsatDock LITE enables the IsatPhone Pro to be always on and ready to receive incoming calls, that can be answered via a Bluetooth accessory or the optional privacy handset.

The IsatPhone Pro handset, fits in the dock which is also key lockable for extra security. Other features include phone charging, USB data port, in-built ringer and antenna and power to be permanently connected to the dock ready for use. The IsatPhone Pro handset is easily inserted and removed by the press of a button making it quickly accessible away from the dock when required

IsatDock Lite Video

IsatDock Lite Photos    
IsatDock Lite and Back   IsatDock Handset
The IsatDock Lite has a unique universal mounting bracket that allows it to be mounted to any surface with ease.
The 2-part handset has a wall mounted plate.
IsatDock Passive Antenna
IsatDock Active Antenna
There are 4 types of IsatDock antennas. Pictures above is the passive antenna for fixed location installation.
Passive Antenna Brochure
The IsatDock active antenna for Maritime installation.
Maritime Antenna Brochure
IsatDock Magnetic Antenna
  Mag Mount Truck Vehicle RV
The difference between the two vehicle mounted IsatDock active antennas is one is a mag-mount, and the other is bolt mounted.
Mag Mount Active Antenna Brochure
Bolt Mounted Active Antenna Brochure
Trucks, RV's Vehicles. Both the vehicle mounted Active Antennas can be used on the go.
Bottom of antenna
Handset Cable Port
Pictured above is the bottom of the passive antenna. Note that there are two cable connections. One for GPS and the other for L-band communication (labeled ISAT).
Here the handset is shown plugged into the back of the IsatDock light.
IsatDock Data Port USB
Complete IsatDock Kit for Exterior Installation
The IsatDock Lite has a mini-USB plug for low speed data connections to the Internet.
Pictures above is a complete IsatDock Lite package with passive antenna, handset, and the 10 meter cable kit.

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