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The IsatHub Tiered Plans transfer a lot of data for a per-Megabyte cost that is amazingly low. Tiered plan usage is based on ANY usage from the 1st of the month to the last day last day of the month resetting at 11:59:59 GMT. This plan has a 12 month minimum term paid annually for the first 12 months, then it reverts to month-to-month billing (unless requested otherwise). Monthly service includes 20 Megabytes each month at $63/month. If over 20 Megabytes is used in a month, Ground Control bills the subscriber a fixed flat-rate at the beginning of the following month at these tiered rates:

►Usage from 0 Megabytes to 20 Megabytes in a month is included in the $63 monthly subscription fee.
►Total monthly usage from 20 to 500 MBs billed at $777 USD or $2.17 per MB with 500 MBs used (Tier 1)
►Total monthly usage from 500 to 1,000 MBs billed at $1,135 USD or $1.63 per MB with 1,000 MBs used (Tier 2)
►Total monthly usage from 1,000 to 5,000 MBs billed at $2,145 USD or $0.65 per MB with 5,000 MBs used (Tier 3)
►Total monthly usage from 5,000 to 10,000 MBs billed at $2,795 USD or $0.44 per MB with 10,000 MBs used (Tier 4)
►Total monthly usage from 10,000 to 30,000 MBs billed at $4,145 USD or $0.22 per MB with 30,000 MBs used (Tier 5)
►All usage over 30,000 MBs is not billed, however speeds is are slowed up to 128 Kbps for unlimited use.

The maximum monthly charge using IsatHub Tiered Plans would be tier 5 at $4,145 plus the $63 subscription fee.

This plan is excellent for emergency use where when service is really needed, costs are a low fixed price, and service never suspends.

Other services billed at $0.99/min calling any phone worldwide with free incoming calls, SMS messaging is billed at $0.50 with free incoming SMS messages.
Inmarsat has stated that this plan is not for open ocean use.

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