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  Solar Sentry Online Demonstration


Please contact Ground Control for a demonstration of the Solar Sentry System

Live Video Feed
Link to Live Video Feed of Solar Sentry
Live Video Feed Link

Web Based Sensor - PASSWORD is "demo"
Live Link to Controller- open this page in a different browser window.
M2M Controller Screenshots
Please note. The web interface to the sensor probe is connected via terrestrial network for demonstration purposes only. Page load times over the BGAN M2M network are longer.
Here is a link to the equipment used in this demonstration.

Hughes 9502 Screens
For detailed information on the Hughes 9502, please download the Hughes 9502 Users Guide.
Hughes 9502 screens

Latency of the Hughes 9502
Below is a screenshot of a ping request made from Ground Control over the BGAN M2M network
to the 9502 solar installation shown above.
Hughes 9502 Ping Time

M2M Security
Both inbound and outbound traffic of the 9502 can be configured for free
to a whitelist of approved IPs, IP ranges, protocols, and ports - more

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