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Hughes 9201 Fixed Mounting Kit - $231
For the Hughes 9201 BGAN Terminal MPN-3004066-0022

Hughes Fixed Mounting Kit Icon   Installation Manual for the Hughes Fixed Mounting Kit
This manual shows how to install the Hughes 9201 terminal using the basic Hughes Fixed Mounting Kit. Download Manual

Hughes 9502 Mounting Kit
The Hughes 9201 External Mounting Kit. - ordering
The included white cable is for grounding the external equipment.

Hughes 9201 Mounting Bracket
The mounting arm may affix to any surface or pole with proper U-Bolts.
Also note that the Hughes 9201 will need the DC Extension cable so that power can
be supplied to the 9201 from the AD-DC charger inside the buildling.

Mounting Kit Sizes
The components of the mounting kit are the wall mounting arm (40mm OD) the adjustable
antenna bracket, a grounding wire, 4 mounting bolts, and a bulls-eye to help level the arm.

Mounting Kit Bulls Eye
Here the bulls-eye is placed inside of the top of the 40mm post for leveling.
On the right is the mounting bracket view from the bottom.

Antenna On Bracket
In this picture, the Hughes 9201 Mounting Kit is used to secure a 9201 External Antenna
to the mount. (The kit works with both the 9201 Terminal or the 9201 External Antenna)
The optional 9201 External Antenna is $1,225 and allows the 9201 terminal to be located indoors.

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