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9502 Fixed Mounting Kit
For all Hughes One-Piece and Two Piece 9502 BGAN Terminals - Buy Now
$100 USD if purchased with any Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN Terminal

Hughes 9502 Users Guide  

Installation of the Hughes 9502 Fixed Mounting Kit

Beginning on page 40 of the Hughes 9502 Users Manual are instructions on how to install the Hughes 9502 mounting kit with any Hughes 9502 terminal. Download 9502 Users Manual

Hughes 9502 Mounting Kit
The Hughes 9502 Basic Fixed Mounting Kit

Mounting Arm For Wall
This Wall & Pole mounting arm may affix to any wall surface, or to any sized pole with U-bolts.
U-Bolts are NOT included. Holes on the bracket can be drilled for any sized U-Bolts.
The holes pre-drilled on the bracket are 3.75 inches apart (on center) for a 1/4 inch bolt.

Hughes One-Piece Mounting Kit
The same mounting bracket can be used for the One-Piece 9502

9502 Mounting Kit Components
The components of the mounting kit are the wall mounting arm (40mm OD) the adjustable
antenna bracket, and 4 mounting bolts.

Antenna On Bracket
The 9502 antenna affixed to the bracket.

Hughes 9502 On Telephone Pole
Here a Hughes 9502 antenna is mounted to a utility pole next to a custom built enclosure.

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