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Explorer 510 Control Screens

The Explorer 510 may be accessed from any connected device via it's WiFi or Ethernet connections. Simply type in in any browser window to access these screens. These screen cover the majority of what can be controlled on the 510 terminal. Please review the Explorer 510 Users Manual for more detailed information. The below screenshots were taken from an iPhone 6 connected with an Explorer 510.

Explorer 510 Control Screen 1 This is the Explorer 510 Main Status screen. This screen accessed by pressing the first "pie" icon at the bottom of the screen.
The Explorer Internet connection screen is accessed by pressing the "speedometer" icon at the bottom of the screen. If the 510 isn't set up to auto-connect to "Standard Data" (charged by the Megabyte), you would need to select "Standard Data" from this screen to initiate the data connection to the Internet. Other "Streaming" services are for CIR 1:1 connections, which are normally disabled by default unless requested otherwise at activation. Streaming services are charged by the minute and are normally used by live radio broadcasters.
Here, a data session has been started with "Standard data", and shows the amount of data transferred in this session (20kb), and the IP address issued the terminal, and the length of time the terminal has been online.
On the Control Panel, accessed by pressing the gears icon at the bottom, shows available options to configure.
Other Control Panel Options (Same Screen as above, scrolled down).
Wireless LAN settings of the Explorer 510 BGAN.
You may choose the amperage a device connected to the USB port on the side of the Explorer 510 may charge at. This is good for charging things like iPhones and Android devices.
With the Connect App from Cobham, you may set up multiple smart phones to be able to use the Explorer 510. Please refer to the Explorer 510 Users Manual for more information.
Tracking Data Usage - This screen shows all data sessions that were started, and the amount of data transferred in each session. A great tool to keep track of data usage on the 510 terminal.
This Log screen shows all calls that were made through the 510 Terminal.
This counter screen allows one to calculate how much cost has been expended based on pricing from any provider. You set the price per Megabyte, and the price per phone minute, and this counter screen will show the totals of all usage.
The configuration screen to enter in values for all services.
One of the Control Panel Options options is "Point Now", which puts the terminal into pointing mode with audible beeper and the screen on the left. You want to get the 510 above 50 dBhz for a good data connection.
Another Control Panel options gives some rudimentary router controls over connected devices.
Terminal options screen.. scrolled down from the above screen.
Port Forwarding is available with the Explorer 510. Port forwarding enables you to set up a server connected to the terminal while the terminal is in Router mode. Without port forwarding it would not be possible to contact the server from the Internet.
The EXPLORER 510 can be used for tracking purposes. You can set up the terminal to report its position to a server at certain time intervals. To use the tracking feature you must either set up a tracking server or get a tracking solution from your service provider. The EXPLORER 510 must be set up to match this server. For information how to set up the EXPLORER 510, please review the Users Manual.
The Battery page shows the charging status (Charging or Not charging), the charge level in percent and the estimated remaining usage time.
The Advanced Options screen from the Control Panel - Page 1
The Advanced Options screen from the Control Panel - Page 2
With "Data Limits" you can set a limit for the use of data services with the EXPLORER 510 system. If you have entered the call charges in the menu Call charges, the system automatically calculates and displays the maximum charges for your data sessions.
You can set up the terminal so that it can be controlled from a remote location. To set up the terminal for remote management, select Advanced > Remote management from the Control panel.
We recommend using this static public IP address for the terminal in order to provide easy access to the terminal. To use the static IP address, it must be included in your airtime subscription.
With "Link Monitoring", you can monitor the external IP connection of the EXPLORER 510 system. With this feature activated, the terminal will send out ping commands (ICMP Echo Requests) to a server of your choice.

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