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Most BGAN terminals have the a fax port, which is a standard RJ-11 phone connection. The Inmarsat network provides a group 3 Fax capable line that works with some fax machines. Below is a Brother FAX 575 Personal Paper Fax machine connected to a Hughes 9202 from the back of an SUV hatch opening.

Faxing over BGAN

Fax service with Ground Control needs to be activated upon service activation. Activation of this service is free, and fax charges are charged the same as any voice call. Fax lines also have their own unique phone number separate from the voice number of the BGAN terminal. We must state that faxing over BGAN is not as easy as faxing over a terrestrial phone line, and many times a fax transmission will fail.

Please refer to your BGAN terminal users manual for using the fax port of that terminal.

FAX Alternative
Since fax marching are not portable, Ground Control highly recommend using a $60 portable hand scanners that rolls down a page and converts the page into a high-resolution .jpg file instantly. These files are then transferred to any computer via usb cable so that the files can be emailed anywhere.

BGAN Hand Scanner

The hand scanner pictured above is widely available on for about $60 U.S. and works very well in the field.

Video of Using a Portable Hand Scanner


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