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  BGAN Frequency
All BGAN terminals use the L-Band frequency, which is the same frequency used by satellite phones. L-Band frequencies have a very long wavelength and as such are not affected by rain fade as much larger satellite dish systems that use the Ku and Ka frequency band.

BGAN Terminal Transmit and Receive Frequencies
L-Band 1.5 to 1.6 GHz
Transmit: 1626.5 MHz – 1660.5 MHz
Receive: 1525 MHz – 1559 MHz

The GPS Frequency used on BGAN terminals is 1575.42 MHz (receive only).

Other Interesting Facts:
For the Hughes 9201 the antenna has a gain of 15dB (Tx), 14.4dB (Rx)
Pointing Loss: 0.5dB
Receive Sensitivity: -143dBW/m3
A mispointing of 3dB or 20 degrees, or .3 dB or 7 degrees (+/-3 degrees either way) is allowed.

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