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BGAN Link - Haiti
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    BGAN LINK Haiti - Unlimited Use BGAN Service - Photos - Service Plans
Unlimited use BGAN Internet for Aid & NGOs helping the Haitian people.
As the scale of the devastation from Hurricane Matthew is becoming clear in Haiti, so is the need for emergency aid... as a response, Inmarsat and Ground Control are offering Unlimited Use BGAN service for a low fixed monthly price to approved Aid and NGO's helping in the Haitian crisis.

Unlimited BGAN Internet - Haiti
Approved Aid & NOG's can use BGAN terminals anywhere in Haiti with the BGAN Link Unlimited Use Internet service (specifically a 200km radius from the following GPS coordinates: 18°56'55.9"N 73°15'24.6"W). Plans must be activated between now and May 4, 2017 and will expire when the plan expires, or by May 4, 2018, whichever comes first.
BGAN Link Haiti Coverage Map

BGAN LINK Unlimited Internet Service
Unlimited use Internet that does not suspend for any reason in Haiti
May use any class 1 or class 2 BGAN terminal - List of BGAN terminals
Monthly use allows up to 30 Gigabytes at full speed of the BGAN terminal's speed rating.
If over 30 Gigabytes are transferred in a month, speeds are slowed to 128 Kbps to the end of the month.
Ideally suited to remote settings needing Internet, email, phone, ftp, video-conferencing, VPN, even Skype.
High-speed data capable with up to 492 Kbps upload/download speeds.
No Rain Fade. Uses "L-band" frequency for superior performance, even in extreme storms.
BGAN terminals are easy to install by anyone and can be operated by anyone.

BGAN Link GEO - Unlimited - Haiti Term
Monthly Fee
(In US Dollars)
  BGAN Link GEO - Unlimited Use Internet
       BGAN Link GEO allows unlimited non-suspending service with 30 Gigabytes of
       service available at full
speed and then slowed to 128 Kbps to end of month.

BGAN Link - Mobile Use
BGAN Link GEO Haiti can move about anywhere within Haiti, (specifically a 200km radius from the following GPS coordinates: 18°56'55.9"N 73°15'24.6"W )
12 month term $1,125/mo
(get 1 month free for term prepayment)
3 month term $1,350/mo

   Activation costs are $0 for BGAN Link service.
   Service is for approved Aid & NGO's helping in the Haitian crisis.
   This offering applies to qualifying BGAN Link plans activated within the next six months (between now and 05/04/2017) - and
      will expire when the plan subscribed to expires, or by 05/04/2018, whichever comes first
   Terminals may not move out of the authorized region or subscriber will be billed at $7 per Megabyte transferred
      on top of the monthly fee.
   Service is pro-rated, meaning that available full speed Gigabytes is reduced by the number of days left in the plan. For example,
      if activating on the 20th of the month, there will only be 10 GBs at full speed until the end of the month.
   3 month and 12 month terms expire exactly 3 months or 2 months from the activation date.
   Phone, SMS, ISDN, FAX, and Streaming services are billed separately from the monthly data charge.
   Phone calls are charged $0.99 cents per minute to any landline, or cellphone world-wide.
   Incoming phone calls are free, however the cost of the call is burdened on the calling party. more
   All plans have SMS Messaging capabilities. SMS is charged $0.50 cents per message.
   To apply, please email for the BGAN Link Application Form.

BGAN Hardware Options

BGAN Terminals  
BGAN Terminals
Prices starting at $2,176 usd
BGAN Terminals are highly portable global broadband Internet devices that also offer standard phone service. Speed of BGAN terminals are up to 492 Kbps download and 448 Kbps upload. Excellent for any laptop or smartphone that need to connect to broadband Internet most anywhere on the planet.
BGAN Portable Terminals & Service

In-Motion Mobile Terminal  
Moving or Parked BGAN Terminals
Prices starting at 6,395 usd
In-Motion terminals offer broadband Internet up to 444Kbps and may connect any authorized wireless device up to 200 meters, moving or parked. An excellent Internet hotspot for pubic events, nearby convoy vehicles, campsites, or anything that is within range of the antenna.
In-Motion or Parked Satellite Terminals

BGAN Hardened Case Solution  
Hardened BGAN Ready Cases
Prices starting at $2,479 usd
A BGAN ready-case places a BGAN portable satellite terminal in a hardened all-weather case. Everything is included for creating a mobile office in any location in minutes. BGAN Ready Cases are excellent for backup communication and portability.
BGAN Hardened Cases

Satellite Phones  
Satellite Phones
Need a satellite phone? Satellite phone may be used by anyone anywhere on the planet are are a reliable way of staying connected when no other means of communication is possible. Ground Control specializes in airtime and Internet service.
Satellite Phones

  Optional BGAN LINK Services - (GEO and Global)
  Static - Public IPs
       Publicly routable IP addresses are available.
       A Public IP address is required if remote access from the Internet
       is needed to access equipment attached to the BGAN terminal (unless
       using IPSec VPN services).
$25 Monthly
$75 Quarterly
$300 Annually
Info Link
  BGAN Firewall
       Limit BGAN Traffic (and expenses) to only certain destinations.
A free service offered by
Ground Control
Info Link
  Steaming Services
       An unshared data channel for video broadcasters.
Charged per minute Info Link
  BGAN Security - VPN - Private Network - Firewalls
       Ground Control offers several ways to secure your BGAN.
Multiple Options Info Link
  BGAN Portal - Terminal Management
       Show Usage - Track - Monitor - Control any BGAN Terminal.
$19 /month per terminal Info Link
  Add A Local Phone Number
       Give your BGAN satellite phones a local number for most any
       country or any area code for the United States.
$10 /month +
Info Link

For information and purchasing BGAN Link service for your team, please email


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