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BGAN M2M Service
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BGAN M2M - Kilobytes

Unlike BGAN M2M service, Standard BGAN Service requires a connection minimum of 100 Kilobytes, with a minimum billing session of 50 Kilobytes, that is divided into 10 Kilobyte minimum billing increments. Confusing... We think so.

On the other hand, BGAN M2M service has a 1 Kilobyte minimum billing increment, and there are no fees for establishing a connection, or over-air firmware upgrades, or any other unexpected fees. And the cost to transmit 1 Kilobyte is between 1 to 2 cents! This is a great deal for remote communication.

Paired with the Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal, BGAN M2M Service is ideal for remote equipment that transfers small or large amounts of data over the course of a month.

Note that the Hughes 9502 may use Standard BGAN service if reqired. - More

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