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  Explorer 510 BGAN Terminal   Hughes 9202 BGAN Terminal  
The Explorer 510 BGAN terminal is the most portable, least expensive BGAN WiFi hotspot providing both Internet and phone service anywhere on the globe... even to your smartphones. These super rugged terminals survive in any extreme environment.
The Hughes 9202 is one of the easiest BGAN terminals to operate. Simply point and press the X registration button for a WiFi satellite hotspot from anywhere on the globe.
  Explorer 710 BGAN Terminal   Hughes 9502 One-Piece BGAN Terminal  
For live news broadcasting, the Explorer 710 BGAN terminal can transmit up to 650 Kbps using BGAN HDR streaming service.
The popular Hughes 9502 offers reliable 24 x 7 connectivity and powered by only 4 watts of power. Excellent for remote equipment monitoring & control as well as manned locations where power and reliable Internet are not accessible.
  MCD-4800 BGAN Terminal  
MCD-4800 BGAN Open Ocean Use
The MCD-4800 (aka The Football) is a auto-pointing BGAN terminal manufactured by Ground Control that only needs to be turned on to create a broadband satellite connection with a wireless access point.
The MCD-4800 BGAN is a auto-tracking terminal, which means it can be used on ocean going vessels, even in rough seas. The case lid may be open or closed for full operational use.
  IsatHub iSavi Terminal Used Indoors   iSavi IsatHub On The Ocean  
The least expensive (non-BGAN) and most portable satellite terminal is the iSavi IsatHub. This consumer grade terminal uses the same stationary satellite as BGAN, which means it can point through an open window or door and connect.
The iSavi IsatHub can even be used on the water (like BGAN terminals), as long as the boat is traveling in a straight line in calm waters.
Hughes 9201 inserted into Laptop Case
  Hughes 9202 Outside In The Field  
The Hughes 9201 was one of the first BGAN terminals on the market and is slowly being discontinued. It has been replaced by the much more reliable Hughes 9202 (shown on right) and the new Hughes 9211, which can do live video streaming speeds of 650 Kbps.
The Hughes 9202 BGAN is a very portable and popular BGAN with Wi-Fi. Simple one-button connectivity make this terminal very easy to use (only the auto-pointing MCD-4800 is easier). Simply place the terminal outside, point, press the connect button and that is it! The 100' WiFi range lets you work inside.
  Explorer 300 BGAN polar regions   Explorer 510 Rear View  
The Explorer 300 BGAN was one of the smallest/lightest BGAN terminals and it worked very well in extreme weather. The newer, less expensive, faster, and just as rugged Explorer 510 (shown right of this picture) replaces the Explorer 300 and Explorer 500 BGAN terminals.
The Explorer 510 BGAN only has one button. Press it to turn it on. It will begin beeping and raise sharply in tone when the face of the terminal is pointed at the satellite. Press it again and it's a WiFi global hotspot. This is the terminal to get if you're looking for the most portable, lowest cost, speeds nearly as fast as the fastest BGAN, AND the most rugged-reliable portable BGAN for any extreme environment.
BGAN Ready Case
Explorer 700 BGAN Terminal in the field
Ground Control offers a BGAN Ready Cases for all BGAN terminals. Above is the Hughes 9202 and our popular Optimized Laptop that helps reduce BGAN service costs.
Here the Explorer 710 is being used by two individuals both connected wirelessly, and one using their smartphone to make a call through the 710.
Explorer 325 on mountain road
Explorer 325 beauty shot
Ground Control offers the full line of in-motion BGAN terminals. Here the Explorer 325 is used for online in-motion WiFi access for a 2 car convoy.
Other in-motion BGAN systems provide for WiFi connectivity within 100 feet. Passengers in more than one vehicle could connect at the same time.
Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal
BGAN is often used for fixed location equipment monitoring and control. The popular Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M is ideal for unmanned remote operations that require a 24 x 7 Ethernet port. Here a 9502 uses a small solar panel and a pole mounted battery box to make a self contained remote communications point. Other Fixed BGAN Terminals
BGAN systems are often used by organizations that require a backup Internet connection when a primary connection fails.
BGAN Portable Internet Terminal
  BGAN Long-Range Cordless Phone  
Ground Control offers a wide selection of BGAN terminals. All BGAN Terminals
This long-range cordless phone case will connect to the phone jack of any BGAN terminal and provides long range phone connectivity up to 2 miles (3.2 km), or 12 building stories from the case. The base station operates for 3 days on internal battery. More Info
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