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  TopUp a BGAN Sim Card
Ground Control makes Topping-Up Megabytes to your existing BGAN SIM card easy... Simply select the plan you wish to TopUp with and enter your 18 digit Ground Control BGAN SIM card number. We will TopUp your SIM card with that plan chosen and set the new valid period from that date.

BGAN - Standard Service TopUp
For Ground Control BGAN Standard Service Plans
Global Use
(Cost in US Dollars)
  TopUp Your BGAN SIM Card - Anytime
       TopUp your Standard Service BGAN account at any time.
       Simply select the plan you wish to TopUp with and the 18 digit
       SIM card number printed on the SIM card.

       TopUps are processed during normal business hours.
Select Amount To Add
Enter 18 digit SIM card number
   TopUps reset the plan valid period of selected plan from the time of TopUp.
   Any available Megabytes at TopUp are still available for use but only until their origional valid period expires.
   May select any plan, irregardless of the plan the BGAN SIM is currently on.
   Only Ground Control SIM cards may be Topped Up. Please write us if you wish to have Ground Control service.
   If SIM card valid period has expired (or SIM previously canceled), there will be an additional $40 activation charge.
   To check available Megabytes on a SIM, please email with your SIM number.

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