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BGAN Standard+ Unlimited BGAN Service
Consumer Grade - No Limits - 1 Month Plans
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The unlimited BGAN Standard+ plan takes the worry out of your Internet connection. Use your BGAN service as much as you want without any added expenses over the $4,555 USD monthly service fee. One customer recently used over 47 Gigabytes in a one month period which would cost over $200,000 USD with our standard BGAN services. Standard+ Unlimited is an outstanding deal for anyone that needs Internet connectivity with no limits.

Service speeds are the same priority as the popular IsatHub service used by 1000's worldwide, so this is not a service that is slow by any relative means. Do note that when signing up, usage may start at any time during the month, but it ends/renews on the last day of the month at 11:00 PM GMT. Please let us know if you wish to have the service renew each month.

Other services such as phone calls are post-billed at $0.99/min for calling any cellphone or landline worldwide with free incoming calls. SMS messaging is billed at $0.50, also with free incoming SMS messages.

If you need Internet connectivity... the Unlimited Standard+ BGAN plan will not disappoint.

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