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  Video Conferencing over BGAN

The video below uses the Polycom PVX software for use over the BGAN network.

Video Conferencing over BGAN

The Polycom PVX video conferencing software uses leading audio/video algorithms to establish high-quality two-way link over BGAN terminals. Using only standard web cameras, the feature rich program will allow remote communication anywhere and anytime. All that is required is a static IP for one of the computers running the software.

The demo version of the Polycom PVX software (download below) limits calls to just 10 minutes. The full version allows for unlimited call time and is $149 USD per seat from Ground Control. You may test the Polycom PVX software right now by downloading and running the Polycom PVX software on any two computers (running Windows XP or 7). Dialing a computer is as easy as entering the Static IP of the computer you wish to connect to.

Download the Polycom PVX Demo Software - PC Computer

Polycom PVX Accredited Solution Document

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