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Wideye Sabre Ranger BGAN Terminal - Photos
Wideye Ranger BGAN Terminal
 Wideye Sabre Ranger BGAN Terminal
Wideye Sabre Ranger
Ships with 10 meter communications cable

Ground Control ships worldwide
Product Discontinued By Manufacturer
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The Wideye SABRE™ Ranger is a class 3 BGAN terminal built for long term fixed location outdoor operation. While the Ranger performs like any BGAN terminal, it also maintains a continuous, always available network/Internet connection required for devices such as SCADA sensors. BGAN terminals (except the Hughes 9502 M2M) will close a connection if it becomes idle after a few minutes. The Ranger is perfectly suited as a manned or unmanned communications link. This Ranger is capable of working Standard BGAN Service. The Ranger M2M works with the new BGAN M2M Service.


Wideye Sabre Ranger Documentation

Wideye Sabre Ranger Wideye Ranger Users Guide Wideye Sabre Ranger Install Manual Wideye Sabre Phone Guide    
Ranger Brochure Users Guide Install Guide 2-Wire Phone    

Wideye Ranger Features
bullet Remote unmanned access – monitor and control assets no matter their location on the globe.
bullet Simultaneous voice and Internet communications
bullet Internet IP connectivity – at speeds up to 384kbps.
bullet 24 x 7 always-on capability
bullet No indoor unit required. Terminal provides Ethernet port and phone port in an exterior location.
bullet Supports Internet IP, SMS text messaging, Email, Voice, VPN, VoIP.
bullet IP Watchdog... Internal logic maintains a constant network connection,or the system reboots.
bullet System activation/deactivation via SMS text message.
bullet NEMA 4X with IP65 Ingress rating outdoor weather rating and corrosion resistant
bullet Enhanced vibration and shock resistance
Low power consumption. Normal operation use 4 watts idle, 22 watts burst transmitting.
Operates between -40°F to 167°F (-40°C to 75°C) - Extreme cold and hot.
Operates globally with the same service plan for all continents. Coverage Map
Connectivity ports - Ethernet (RJ-45) - Plug-and-Play easy.
Power requirements - 12 Volt (to 15 volt) DC. AC/DC power supply is provided.
Latency - 800 to 1500 ms on average (Standard BGAN Latency).
Low Profile - Does not attract attention from possible vandalism or theft.
bullet It is secure from hackers when powerful firewall rules are in place. more
bullet SMS texting control. Hibernate, Activate and other status - Controllable via 3GPP AT commands
bullet Streaming CIR 1:1 up to 64Kbps available.
bullet Certified CD, FCC, IC, CSA

Now Available In Different Cable Run Lengths
The standard Ranger comes with a 10 meter (33 feet) cable run from the terminal. Longer runs of 20 meter,
30 meter, 40 meter and 50 meter cable runs are available upon request and an additional cost.

BGAN Inmarsat Coverage Map
Global Coverage & Service
Service for the Wideye Ranger is global except for extreme polar regions. It uses standard BGAN service on any of three Inmarsat satellites for full connectivity from anywhere.
BGAN Coverage Map
BGAN Service

Security Options
Keep your devices blind to potential hacking from the Internet by two security options. (1) Our BGAN Traffic Control Service sets rules for what traffic is able to go in and out of the BGAN network. This service is included at no additional cost with any Ground Control BGAN subscription. Our other security service is setting up a (2) BGAN VPN or Private Network. Remote devices become inaccessible from the Internet since they do not have a routable IP address. Maintain complete security over all your remote assets.

Industry Uses Of The Wideye Ranger BGAN Terminal
Consider the Wideye Ranger as a low-power, Ethernet port in remote locations. Industry uses are:
Utility Smart Grid - Realtime control with less about 1200 millisecond latency.
Weather, environmental, seismic warning sensors over a wide (global) area.
Pump/Valve monitoring and control - Access remote devices, screens, parameters.
Asset Monitoring - Trigger Switches, Door open, motion detector, alarm send information.
Remote Video Surveillance - 448 Kbps speeds allow for fast refresh-rate of images real-time.
Credit Card Processing - low power, small profile, make it an alternative to satellite dishes.
Low or High-Bandwidth SCADA or M2M devices.
Any remote device that communicates over a standard TCP-IP Internet connection.

BGAN Tracking - Monitoring - Controlling
$15 per terminal per month - No term contracts - Info
Ground Control's Terminal Management utility tracks, monitors and controls one or more BGAN terminals from a secure intuitive web interface. This highly functional tool provides BGAN GPS location, BGAN service usage totals, terminal activity, PDP context activation-deactivations, geo-fencing, wake-up and sleep commands, and a historic log file for all activity and locations. This is a must have application for asset monitoring.


BGAN Management Tracking Solutions


The BGAN Terminal Management solution is $15 per month per terminal added to the manager. There are no term requirements, and you may add and remove terminals at any time. More information on the BGAN Terminal Management Solution from Ground Control.

 Wideye Ranger Specifications
 BGAN Network
Upload (Transmit) Max Speed 240 Kbps - Class 3 BGAN
Download (Receive) Max Speed 384 Kbps - Class 3 BGAN
Satellite Transmit Frequency 1626.5–1660.5 MHz (L band)
Satellite Receive Frequency 1525–1559 MHz (L band)
GPS Frequency 1574.42–1576.42 MHz
Terminal Weight < 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs)
Terminal Dimensions 305 mm x 186 mm x 49 mm (12" x 7.32" x 1.93")
 Interfaces - Via Cable Run - 10 Meter Standard Length
Data (Internet) Connection Ethernet RJ-45
Voice RJ-11 phone jack - use a standard phone.
Power 12 Volt
Optional Cable Run Lengths 10 (standard), 20, 30, 40, and 50 Meter Cable Runs available from Ground Control
Operating Temperature -40° C to +75° C (-40° F to +167° F)
Humidity 95% RH non-condensing at +40° C (104° F)
ODU Wind Loading Wind is not an issue if terminal is securely mounted
ODU Water and Dust IP-65 Compliant (withstands water jets from any direction)
NEMA NEMA 4X rated
Input Voltage +12 Volts (to 15 Volts) DC nominal
Normal "Idle" Operation Wattage 4 watts for open full-time TCP-IP connection.
Transmission Wattage Short transmission bursts may pull up to 22 watts.

Wideye Ranger Photos
Wideye Ranger Photo Wideye Ranger Contents
The all weather Wideye Ranger is very compact which helps it avoid vandalism or theft.
Contents include the Wideye Ranger, AC/DC power adapter with European/UK/US standards, direct DC power capable, an RJ-45 Ethernet cable, an RJ-11 phone cable, the Multi-function cable, bracketing, pipe clamps, software and users manual.
  Ranger Cable Run
Two U-bolts secure the Ranger Mounting/Pointing Bracket to a vertical pole (3.75" OD in photo). All BGAN systems operate on the "L-band" which can operate in very sever weather. The Ranger's small size keeps it from moving off signal in sever winds. It is a perfect manned or unmanned remote communications point.
The 33 Foot (10M) Multi-function cable includes Phone, Ethernet and Power.
Ranger Multi-Function Cable   Ranger Connectors
A close-up of both ends of the Multi-Function cable. You may plug in any standard phone to the Phone Port or any Laptop directly to the Ethernet port. The other port is for power to the Ranger Electronics.  
Simple connect a Laptop (or IP capable Device), Phone, and DC Power plug to the multi-function cable. With BGAN, you pay for only what you actually transfer, so the open network connection of a Ranger does not impact your usage bill significantly over other BGAN terminals.
Wideye Ranger DC   Wideye Ranger Pipe Clamp
The Wideye Ranger ships with an AD/DC power adapter, however, you may run direct DC current to the terminal. Output of the AC/DC Adapter is shown as 15V, 2.8Amps
The two pipe clamps that secures the Wideye bracketing are just under 4 inches wide.
Ranger Web Console   Standard POTS Phone
Once powered up, you may access the web interface screen of the Ranger for numerous configurations. Please read the Wideye Rangers Users Manual for more information.
You may temporarily or permanently plug in any standard wired or wireless phone into the RJ-11 phone port. We recommend a standard 2-wire phone that does not require external power.
Wideye Ranger in Snow   Ranger Usage
The Ranger performs quite well extreme weather from -40° F to +167° F ( -40° C to +75° C). I will also operate with up to 25mm of ice buildup on the antenna before network issues.
The Ranger is an excellent manned or unmanned communications point that can be monitored by any system on the Internet. It may also be activated or deactivated (or rebooted) by SMS text message from a GPS satellite, saving on usage or troubleshooting expenses while off site.
 BGAN Service Plans (global usage)
BGAN Sim Card The Wideye Ranger uses BGAN service from Ground Control
Click for all BGAN service plans available


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