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BGAN Long Range Cordless Phones
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Long-Range Wireless BGAN Phones (3.2 km / 2 miles)
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Self-contained base station that connects with any BGAN with a phone port (RJ-11).

Durafon BGAN Case

 Long-Range Wireless BGAN Phones w/ Base Station Case
  Durafon PSL Base Case with 2 Handset Phones
  Using the Durafon PSL Base Statiion with Pro Handsets.
  Operates with any BGAN terminal that has a phone jack.
  Optional Case Colors (default is orange)
  Contents Link

  Ground Control ships worldwide
Price: $1,995 USD
With 2 handsets
(or $1,695 for 1 handset)

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These rugged long-range handset phones keep one connected to any BGAN terminal with a phone jack. These handset phones can be up to 3.2 kilometers away (2 miles) from the base station case, or penetrate through 12 floors or walls of a building. The watertight base station/case encloses a Durafon PSL base unit powered by an internal battery for up to 3 days of operation. Both handsets share a single phone number given by the BGAN terminal and both are able to make and receive calls at distance. An excellent addition to BGAN terminal that requires phone connectivity at range from the BGAN terminal.

Long-Range Handset Phone Case Includes:
DuraFon PSL base station - Brochure - Users Manual
2 Rugged DuraFon Pro handset phones - 2 days idle time per battery
Hi-Impact Pelican case model 1400 (default color: orange - other choices)
Internal Li-Ion battery - Provides 3 days of base-station operation
Charging cradle for 1 handset and 1 extra battery (AC mains powered)
Two 9" inch extended range whip antennas for handsets
RJ-11 retractable phone cable
Requires no training to operate. Quickstart guide affixed to lid.

Make and Receive Calls In Remote Locations
When the base station is plugged into a BGAN terminal that is online, using the phone is as easy as using a cordless phone. To make a call, press the "talk" button for a standard dial-tone and proceed with dialing. With an incoming call, both Durafon handsets will ring and the first to answer will connect.

Phone Options  
Press Talk to get dial tone and enter the phone number to be dialed. Answer calls by pressing the same "Talk" button. These handsets may also transfer a received call to any other registered handset.
The Broadcast Button when pressed for 2 seconds allows a handset to speak to all in-range handsets much like a Walkie-Talkie or public address system. May also communication with base station direct by entering the base station ID "10" and then pressing Broadcast.

Press the 2-Way button and enter the 2 digit number of any handset phone to establish handset-to-handset calling, even if the base station is turned off.

These phones require no training to use. A quickstart guide affixed to the inside of the lid gives even the first-time user instructions for operation.

Advantages of Long-Range Handset Phones
Standard "cordless phones" purchased at any store are not designed to be outdoors and a cordless phone base station must also be plugged into a wall-power and BGAN terminals are often used in locations were AC power is not available. This self-powered case solution in contrast can run for days on a single charge, operate in extreme environments and provide incredible range and wall penetrating abilities... a perfect fit with any BGAN terminal.

DuraFon with BGAN Terminal
DuraFon Handset Phone
DuraFon Case Closed
Hughes 9202 in the field
DuraFon Case Photos    
DuraFon connected to Hughes 9202 Wi-Fi BGAN Terminal   DuraFon Base Station in Case Lid
Just plug the phone cable (RJ-11) into the BGAN phone jack and turn the base station on and close the lid. The base station can stay operational for 3 days. The handsets stay connected for 2 days on their internal battery, or 6 hours of continuous talking time.
The base station is mounted to the lid of the case so buttons on the top are easily accessed. Also shown is the quickstart guide that shows the simple steps needed to use the system. No user training is necessary with this system with this quickstart guide.
Contents of the DuraFon Case   Close Up of DuraFon
Contents of the case include two rugged DuraFon Pro handsets (normally green trim), a recharge cradle (with an extra battery recharge slot for the 2nd phone), two 9" inch extended range whip antennas, 2 belt clips, and an internal battery with an AC/DC charger.
The DuraFon Pro handset is extremely rugged and operates in all weather. Press the TALK button to get a standard dial tone or answer a call.
Retractable Phone Cord   Connecting DuraFon to BGAN Terminal
The retractable phone cord from the base station plugs into the BGAN phone jack (standard RJ11)
Here the phone cord is plugged into the phone jack of a Hughes 9202M BGAN terminal.
Hughes 9202 Wi-Fi BGAN Terminal   Base Station Controls
The Hughes 9202M WiFi Hotspot BGAN Terminal is an ideal terminal to use with the Durafon solution. With the DuraFon plugged in, both the BGAN terminal and Durafon case operate during extreme weather... while the handsets and laptops may be inside a building or structure.
(1) Base station speaker volume. (2) Intercom Button - Press and the primary (admin) handset is beeped and the handset user presses TALK to open an Intercom conversation with the base station. (3) Broadcast Key. Pressing allows speaker at the base station to broadcast to all connected handsets, much like a public address system.
Extended Range Whip Antenna   Cradle Charger
Each handset comes with two antennas, a standard long range 1.5" antenna, and an 9" inch extended range whip antenna. Antennas are easily swapped with a twist.
The charging cradle has a slot for one handset and one battery (normally taken from the other handset). A handset will operate for 50 hours on standby, and 6 hours of talk time. We recommend having additional batteries if recharging is unavailable for days.
DuraFon Belt Clip   Four Phone In Case
Each DuraFon comes with a belt clip with a quick-release safety button to keep the phone secure, avoiding accidental slide offs.
If requested, Ground Control can add two more phones in this case. Please email for more information.
DuraFon Case Closed with Hughes 9202 BGAN   BGAN Phone Case
The DuraFon PSL base station operates with the case opened or closed. DuraFon handsets communicate with the base station or with each other even if the base station is turned off.
While the default color of the case is bright orange, we do offer several other colors for the same cost. Please request your preferred color when ordering.

The Base Station
The DuraFon Base Station itself is a third handset performing several communication functions, such as pressing and holding the "Broadcast" button becomes a public address system to all connected handsets. Pressing another button will page the "admin" handset and establish a direct voice link with that handset.

Handset to Handset Radios
Durafon handsets are able to communicate with each other by entering the two digit ID number of the other handset without the base station being turned on. And by pressing the "Broadcast" button, that handset may speak to all in range phones at once.

Highly Secure
The handsets utilize digital spread spectrum (DSS) with frequency hopping of 100 channels per second over 128 channels to maintain clarity and privacy. In addition, the base unit provides individual handset with one of over 65,000 random security codes to ensure that another system's handset is unable to link to another (non-related) base unit.

Communication range depends upon the environment, but below are some guidelines on how well the handsets will perform:
1) 12 floors in building penetration
2) 250,000 sq. ft. in a warehouse or retail store
3) 3,000 acres on a farm or ranch
4) 3.2 Kilometer range (2 miles) line-of-sight.

System Features:
bullet Plug-and-Play easy. Simply turn the system on and plug it into the BGAN phone jack.
bullet The DuraFon may connect from the base station up to 3.2 kilometers (2 miles), or 12 floors / walls.
bullet Handsets operate for 50 hours on standby and 6 hours total talking time (4 hour recharge).
bullet The base station operates for over 3 days (72 hours) on internal battery.
bullet The base station may broadcast a voice message to all connected handsets with one button.
bullet Incoming calls will ring all connected phones. Caller ID shows who is calling.
bullet The handset display shows if phone line is in use by another handset.
bullet Handsets may communicate with each other independent of the base station.
bullet Handsets may transfer a call to another handset.
bullet Handsets are texting capable, including texting local handsets.
bullet Handsets have an adjustable ringer volume, vibration mode, silent mode.
bullet Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Holding, Call logs, Speed Dial, Call Transfer, Phone book.
bullet Handsets Include 9" whip antenna that extends the range of handsets.
bullet Belt clips keep the handset on a person. Includes safety quick-release button.
bullet A retractable RJ-11 phone cable keeps cabling organized.
bullet The Pelican 1400 case solution may hold 1, 2, 3, or 4 handsets (2 is default).
bullet The internal battery includes USB charge port for charging smartphones and other devices.
bullet Case is small enough for airline carry-on luggage.
bullet Case size is 13.37 x 11.62 x 6.0" (33.96 x 29.51 x 15.24cm) (LxWxH)
bullet Weight of case (with two handsets) is less than 5kg (11 lbs).
bullet Many other features. Please read the Durafon Users Manual.

DuraFon Documentation
Hughes 9202 Brochure
DuraFon PSL
Users Manual
Hughes 9202 Users Manual
DuraFon Base


DuraFon DuraWalkie Li-Ion Battery
Extra DuraFon Li-Ion Battery
These batteries are quite small, but keep the handsets charged for 2 days, or 6 hours of continuous talking. We recommend having a 2nd battery for each handset if in no power locations for an extended period.

$32 /each

Please Call To Order
DuraFon Handset
Extra DuraFon Pro Handset Phones
DuraFons Pro handsets are capable of making and receiving phone calls, as well as handset-to-handset communication. The Base station may connect with up to 9 handsets. The Pelican 1400 case will hold up to 4 handsets (Custom order larger cases that can hold up to 9 phones are available upon request).
Please Email To Order

Why Choose Ground Control?
While there are other resellers you could choose to purchase your BGAN equipment and service from... with Ground Control, you are working with a BGAN Internet Service Provider. We also provide a no-cost BGAN Firewall option for high-security, and Auto-Registration pre-configuration for one-button activations... and many many other benefits. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative to help you find the most cost effective satellite communications solution for any situation.

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