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VoIP Over Satellite Brochure
Satellite VoIP Brochure
VoIP Phone Over Satellite - Public Safety Plans
These Public Safety Plans are on Ground Control iDirect Service using our Mobile Satellite Dishes
Crystal Clear and Cost Effective Phone Communication Over Satellite

Ground Control is proud to work with 100's of emergency organizations for their voice communications needs. We've modified our standard VoIP plans to include 10-day emergency VoIP plans that are ideal for public safety organizations that do not require full-time in-the-field voice connectivity.

VoIP Over Satellite Phone Equipment Options
VVX-411 VoIP

Polycom VVX411 VoIP Phone

Price $299 USD - Fully Commissioned |Plug-And-Play

The Polycom VVX411 has been a field-proven phone solution for quality VoIP over satellite. This time tested phone works like the phone on any desk. more

Cisco ATA For Satellite

Cisco ATA VoIP Adapter - Connect Any Phone

Price $99 USD - Fully Commissioned | Plug-And-Play
Up to 2 individual phone lines

The Cisco ATA allows any standard corded or cordless phone to work with the Ground Control VoIP service. Each ATA Includes two phone ports that can each be assigned a local number from most any region from any country. more

Red Phone Satellite Service Red Phone
Critical Voice Communications with other Red Phones

First Year Free + Free Phone + Unlimited Minutes
- Unlimited voice calling to other Red Phones with no per-minutes costs ever.

Red Phones are able to stay connected to other Red Phones anywhere in North America during the most sever outage of any kind. more
Long Range Phones - Case Based Solution

Long-Range Cordless Phones - Case Based Rackmount Shelf
Up to 5 Mile Range

Price $4,595 USD - Shelf | Base Station |4 Handset Phones
Up to 90 phones supported - Up to 4 individual phone lines

Our case-based 19" rackmount shelf solution holds up to 4 phones per shelf and uses the Durafon Pro base station. These long-range cordless phones plug into the included Cisco ATAs (above) and allow anyone to stay connected to the Public Telephone network (PSTN) for up to 5 miles from the satellite system using the high-gain antenna. These handset phones also act like Walkie-Talkies and allow long-range communication between handsets independent of the base station. more

Optimized and Cost Effective Voice Calling Over Satellite
Ground Control specializes in Satellite VoIP phone service & equipment when using our iDirect network. When using one of our mobile dishes, public safety organizations may have up to 10 simultaneous phone conversations with service rates comparable to terrestrial phone providers. And since our network is optimized for phone communication over satellite, callers are often unaware they are speaking over a satellite connection.

Emergency Satellite VoIP Phone

VoIP Over Satellite Benefits
Plug-and-Play Optimized Phone Service Over Our Premium Satellite Network.
Public Safety organizations have 10-day per month Priority Service use pricing.
Use any phone that will work identically to any landline phone, including a local phone number.
Connect 1 to 10 phones. Have 10 simultaneous calls over one satellite connection.
Low Latency
(500-650 milliseconds), callers are often unaware they are speaking over satellite.
Monthly cost of service is $49.95 per month for 1000 minutes (16.6 hours) per month.
Anything over 1000 minutes is charged a reasonable $0.04 cents per minute.
Phones will work over ANY Internet connection, not just over our satellite network.
Move the phone anywhere. It keeps the same phone number no matter your location.
Faxing over satellite - we offer FoIP services for using any group 3 fax machine.
Phone service has all the standard features such as voicemail, activity, call-forwarding etc,..
Easy to start. All equipment is configured, tested and is plug-and-play ready when shipped.

VoIP Phone Calls Optimized for Satellite
Not all VoIP is the same, especially when it comes to making calls over satellite. Ground Control has minimized the delay between talking parties so that most will not be aware they are speaking over a satellite connection. Our network latency is one of the lowest in the satellite industry at 500-650 milliseconds using our iDirect VSAT Network. It also has an incredibly low bit error rate of below 10-9, which is defined as a clear channel and perfect for VoIP. Trust that we take care of the complexities of VoIP so you can take care of business.

Listen To An Example

Listen To A Conversation Using Ground Control's Satellite VoIP Phone Service

Public Safety Communication Solutions
Mobile Command Vehicle phone communication using our mobile satellite dishes.
Backup Phone Service - for offices located in urban locations.
Primary Phone Service - for rural posts (we recommend using the standard 30 day service).

Starting VoIP Phone Service with Ground Control
Choose Phone Icon

Step 1. Pick A Phone
Any corded or cordless phone will work with the $99 Cisco ATA phone adapter. We also highly recommend our Polycom SoundPoint 550 VoIP phone for a time-tested, field-proven solution.

Service Plans

Step 2. Choose A Service Plan
The 10-day emergency plan below includes a priority 20x20Kbps CIR for guaranteed connectivity for a considerable cost savings. The standard VoIP plan is for an entire month, and has the option of purchasing Priority VoIP service.


Step 3. Choose A U.S. Based Phone Number
You may choose any number from most any U.S. location. A person with a satellite dish in Texas or British Columbia or Afghanistan may wish to have a Denver phone number, or a phone number from anywhere else in the U.S.

Ethernet Plug

Step 4. Plug The Phone Into The Satellite Ethernet LAN
After your account is provisioned, your phone is plug-and-play. It will have a standard dial-tone, a "local" number, and the ability to make and receive calls from anyone on the planet.

   Ground Control's Optimized VoIP Over Satellite Service
   VoIP Service Plans (global)
Free Minutes
per month
+1000 Minutes
cost per minute
Monthly Cost
U.S. Dollars
   Emergency VoIP 10 Days per Month Plan
        Includes Priority VoIP Service, a $40/mo
        savings over standard VoIP + Priority.
1000 Minutes* $0.04 cents* $89.95/mo
(Includes Priority
VoIP Service)
   Ground Control Standard VoIP Service
        Standard Service is for a full month
1000 Minutes* $0.04 cents* $49.95/mo
   Red Phone Critical Voice Communication
        Off-The-Grid Red Phones are able to stay connected
        to other Red Phones, no matter where they are located
        in North America, and no matter how sever the outage.
        Please ask about promotional discounts.
All Minutes Free Free $49 Annually
Includes Phone
More Info
   Optional Priority VoIP Service $80 per line
   Optional Priority FoIP Service (FAX) using optimal 711u Codec (80x80Kbps CIR) More Info

  A calendar days begin at 12:00 Midnight GMT - Use VoIP days at any time during the month. 
  Additional days used on the 10-day VoIP plan are charged $20 per day.
 Cost per minute is based on a U.S. or Canadian VoIP number calling a U.S. or Canadian phone.
  VoIP service from Ground Control has no long term contract and service is billed month-to-month.
  There is a one time $49 equipment provisioning fee and a $59.95 VoIP line activation fee with purchase.
  All plans include numerous features such as voicemail, call activity, call forwarding, speed dialing etc.

   VoIP Services Details
  Emergency VoIP Service
The Emergency VoIP service bundles both the Standard VoIP service with the Priority VoIP Service and makes it available for 10 days each month for $89.95. This is a $40 monthly savings over our standard VoIP service using CIR. Emergency VoIP is designed for public safety organizations that do not require a full-time service for in-the-field emergencies using our mobile satellite systems. Priority VoIP assures that full speed will always be available for the voice stream.
  Standard VoIP Service
For $49.95 a month, VoIP service includes 1000 minutes (16.6 hours) each month, which calculates to is $0.05 cents per minute. Additional minutes are billed at $0.04 cents per minute, which is less than the in-plan minute rate. Service begins upon provisioning of the VoIP phone and activation of VoIP service for that phone. Service includes voicemail, caller ID, call activity, call forwarding, speed dialing, and a web interface to check status and change parameters.. Please call for our international calling rates.
  Priority VoIP Service
When calling is critical, Priority VoIP Service will give VoIP calls priority over other traffic on the satellite link (this is referred to as QoS or Quality of Service). In addition, Priority VoIP Service creates a 20x20Kbps CIR Committed Information Rate dedicated unshared VoIP data channel to the VoIP connection assuring full speed is available for the voice stream. Priority VoIP Service mitigates potential problems such as voice dropouts and reduced voice quality issues. In many cases Priority VoIP Service is not needed, however if crystal clear, guaranteed voice communication is required, this service is recommended. Priority VoIP Service may be added to an existing VoIP account at any time. Priority VoIP cost is $80 (USD) per month.
  Priority FoIP Service (FAX)
Our Fax services uses the optimal 711u Codec with a 80x80 Kbps dedicated unshared channel for the highest in FoIP service. Ground Control offers a clear compatible channel for Fax transmissions using any Fax machine with a standard RJ-11 connection. We use the optimal G.711u 80 Kbps codec to optimize Fax transmissions from any location in the world. More Information on Priority Fax Service.

Connect 1 to 10 Phones
Connect as many phones through the satellite link as there is capacity. Each phone uses a 20x20 Kbps stream when in use, so the connection is well within the uplink channel speed. For example, if you have a 1Mbps uplink, you could easily have 10 (or more) phones talking simultaneously. And at 20Kbps, you can talk for 6.6 minutes before you transfer one Megabyte.

Follow Me - Phones Can Move Anywhere
VoIP phones provisioned by Ground Control may be used anywhere, not just over the satellite connection for which they are optimized. Simply connect the phone to any Ethernet port that issues a (DHCP) IP address, and our servers will establish a link with the phone and activate it for use. This "Follow Me" feature maintains phone communication continuity and is is perfect for field professionals who travel or have multiple offices.

VoIP Phones From Ground Control
Most wired or wireless SIP phones work with our VoIP service, however, we recommend the systems below that we will configure, provision and test before shipping. Plug-and-play easy.

VVX-411 VoIP  
Our popular Polycom VX411 multi-function SIP compliant phone has been time tested in the field and acts like the phone on the desk, including a blinking voicemail light.
Cost is $299.
pdf Polycom VVX-411 Brochure
The Cisco ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) allows you to purchase ANY standard corded or cordless phone. You may connect up to 2 phones, each with different phone numbers. The Cisco ATA cost is $99.
pdf ATA Brochure pdf Cisco ATA Guide

Long-Range Cordless Phones - Case Based

Price: $4,595 USD - Shelf | Base | 4 Handsets | Commissioned
Stay connected up to 5 miles from the satellite system

The case-based Durafon system is ideal for the Toughsat Flyaway and T-100 trailer systems, as well as any other rackmount system that needs long range phones. With the high-gain antenna the phones range extends to up to 5 miles from the base. Up to 4 individual phone line and up to 90 individual handsets can be supported with one base station.

More Information on Case-Based Cordless Phones

PBX - Advanced Routing
Ground Control can route call traffic to your PBX, and eliminate the monthly usage cost. Please call us for integration pricing and information on this service.

Ground Control Satellite Dish Equipment & Service - United States
If you do not already have an iDirect satellite system and service with Ground Control, here are links to Fixed Location Satellite Equipment and Mobile Satellite Equipment.

Red Phone Satellite Phone  
Red Phone
Critical Voice Communications with other Red Phones
$49 Annually - Includes Phone - Unlimited voice calling - $0 per minute costs.

Red Phones are able to stay connected to other Red Phones anywhere in North America during the most sever outage of any kind. more

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