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Explorer 510 BGAN Maritime - Open Sea Internet Ask An Expert
Explorer 510 BGAN Terminal
 Explorer 510 BGAN Terminal - Complete Package - Shipping Worldwide
Explorer 510 BGAN Terminal
MPN-403711-00500 SKU-BGANT510

Complete System Includes:
Explorer 510 BGAN terminal, softbag carrying case, integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery, AC/DC 100-240 VAC power supply, US, UK, EU, AU plugs, USB to Ethernet converter cable, user manuals. Contents Picture
Price: $2,145 USD

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Orders outside of the U.S.,
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 Explorer 510 Ready Case - Complete System
Explorer 510 Ready Kit System Includes: An Explorer 510 with one-button activation in a hardened Pelican case, DC vehicle adapter, AC/DC 100-240 VAC power supply, US, UK, EU, AU plugs, USB to Ethernet converter cable, and user manuals. An instant mobile WiFi Hotspot!
Price: $2,379

Portable Maritime Global WiFi Hotspot
The Explorer 510 Maritime has been used by mariners for Internet and phone connectivity on the open ocean with excellent results. The 510 has shown to have a wide view angle for receiving and transmitting data over the satellite link while on a moving vessel. And while it will disconnect if the vessel turns too much from its heading, it can easily reconnect if repositioned.

With speeds of up to 464 Kbps down by 448 Kbps, the 510 is a very high-speed connection from the middle of nowhere. The 510 Maritime is also incredibly robust and will operate in heavy rain without damage to the terminal.

Explorer 510 Service Area
BGAN Coverage Map

The Inmarsat Constellation of Geostationary Satellites - More info on the BGAN coverage map
If you are within the colored regions, the 510 has coverage with the Ground Control BGAN network
Any of our BGAN service plans will work globally without any configuration changes
Ground Control ships the Explorer 510 terminal with service to any country or region

Smartphone App - Explorer 510 Control & Voice Calling
Explorer Connect App
Explorer Connect - for iPhone and Android Devices
Download the free iPhone or Android App and use your smartphone / tablet to connect, monitor and control the 510. The App also turns a smartphone into a satellite phone to make and receive calls from anyone. May be on the phone and Internet at the same time.

Explorer 510 Ready Case

Explorer 510 Ready Case - $2,479
Case Size - 16.68"L x 13.06"W x 4.37"D
Place the 510 in this hardened Pelican case with a cradled analog phone. It contains everything needed to establish a remote office A larger case size is available that allow space for such add-ons as a laptop computer or foldable solar panel for no-power locations. more

Explorer 510 BGAN Maritime Use

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Explorer 510 Brochure
Explorer 510 Brochure
Explorer 510 Users Manual
Explorer 510 Users Manual
Explorer on Picnic Table
Explorer 510 Sailboat
Fishing Boat Internet
Explorer 510 at sea

Why Choose Ground Control?
While there are other resellers you could choose to purchase your BGAN equipment and service from... with Ground Control, you are working with a BGAN Internet Service Provider and not just a reseller. We also provide a no-cost BGAN Firewall option for high-security, and Auto-Registration terminal pre-configuration for one-button activations... and many many other benefits. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative to help you find the most cost effective satellite communications solution for any situation.

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