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FleetBroadband / FleetPhone Non-Standard Calling Rates
For calls placed over the FleetBroadband or FleetPhone Satellite Terminal
  Non-Standard Calling Rates - Placed From a FBB or FleetPhone Satellite Phone
  Satellite phone calls are only billed when placing a call. Incoming calls are always free.
  Calling Placed To Description Rate
(in US Dollars)
  Call to Inmarsat Voicemail Calling a FleetBroadband Phone $0.50/min
  Fleet Phone Caling a Fleet Phone $0.50/min
  BGAN Calling a phone connected to a BGAN terminal $0.50/min
  SwiftBroadband Calling a Swiftbroadband phone $0.50/min
  IsatPhone Pro or Link Calling an IsatPhone Pro/Link satellite phone $0.50/min
  GSPS Calling an GSPS type satellite phone $0.50/min
  Call to Inmarsat B v/f/d Calling an Inmarsat B capable terminal phone
  Call to Inmarsat M v/f/d Calling an Inmarsat M capable terminal phone
  Call to Inmarsat Mini M v/f/d Calling an Inmarsat Mini M terminal phone
  Call to Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift Calling a GAN - Fleet - or Swift64 satellite phone $5.00/min
  Call to Aero Sat Phone Calling an Aero terminal phone
  Call to Iridium Sat Phone Calling an Iridium satellite phone
  Call to Globestar Sat Phone Calling an Globestar satellite phone
  Call to Thuraya Sat Phone Calling a Thuraya capable terminal phone
  Call to other MSS Carriers Calling a MSS capable terminal phone

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