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FleetBroadband Whitelist Firewall Controls
Control traffic rules between the FleetBroadband terminal and the Internet
A free service offered to all Ground Control subscribers
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FleetBroadband Firewall Traffic Controls sit between the satellite network (Inmarsat teleports) and the Internet.  By default, ALL outgoing traffic from the FleetBroadband terminal is open, and ALL incoming traffic from the Internet is blocked.

At your request, Ground Control will apply custom rules for allowable outgoing or incoming traffic to each FleetBroadband terminal (or more specifically, the FleetBroadband Sim Card) at no cost, or ongoing monthly expense. Simply provide the IP addresses or range of addresses you wish to limit traffic through. These rules work with standard Dynamic DHCP or Public IP address(es). Simply write with your SIm Card number for updating your firewall rules.

This simple yet effective Whitelist/Blacklist control slashes unauthorized FleetBroadband usage, and protects the FleetBroadband terminal from malicious incoming traffic.

Firewall Rule Possibilities
You can allow/deny any IP address or range of IP addresses for Whitelist/Blacklist.
You can allow/deny Email by SMTP and/or POP3 and/or IMAP and/or Secure SMTP.
You can allow/deny TCP, UDP, ICMP, SKIP, GRE, ESP, AN IP protocols.
You can allow/deny HTTP (Web Browsing), and/or HTTPS.
You may allow/deny File Transferring by FTP.
  ALL other traffic will be denied from the list of rules chosen above

Creating FleetBroadband Traffic Rules
To quickly understand how this service works, the below screen shows how one (or more) traffic rules would be created for each individual FleetBroadband Sim Card.

BGAN Firewall
BGAN Traffic Whitelist

Multiple rules may establish complete whitelists or blacklists. Above is a typical whitelist that allows limited traffic FROM the Internet TO the FleetBroadband terminal. Whitelists are a common rule since they limit traffic ONLY between certain IP addresses, such as between a remote FleetBroadband terminal IP address and a corporate server IP address.

There are 4 possible traffic types that can be configured:
Whitelist to allow listed IP traffic from the Internet to the FleetBroadband terminal
Whitelist to allow listed IP traffic from the FleetBroadband terminal to the Internet
Blacklist to deny listed IP traffic from the Internet to the FleetBroadband terminal
Blacklist to deny listed IP traffic from the FleetBroadband terminal to the Internet

For more information regarding setting up traffic rules for you FleetBroadband terminal with Ground Control, please contact your sales representative.

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