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  Handheld Scanners for BGAN Terminals
FAX Alternative
Fax machines are bulky, and do not make good companion accessories for BGAN terminals. We have found the portable hand scanners available today for $60 work exceptionally well, and are quite robust. These scanners simply roll down a document and convert that document into a high-resolution .jpg file instantly. Image files are then transferred to any computer via usb cable much like a digital camera.

BGAN Hand Scanner

Pictures above is a hand scanner with a Wideye Saber 1 terminal and a BGAN Optimized Laptop from Ground Control. Scanning a document is as easy as pressing a button, rolling the scanner down the page, and then pressing the button again.

Video of Using a Portable Hand Scanner

Once files are transferred over to the computer, they are easily emailed over the BGAN network.

The hand scanner pictured above is widely available on for about $60 U.S. and our experience with it has been outstanding.

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