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A Supercharged Home Network

With service prices starting at $400 a month, Ground Control will install a high-speed satellite system that blows away the competition. Need phones? We can install 1 or 10 phones per satellite connection with individual phone numbers using state of the art Satellite VoIP that nearly eliminates the pauses between conversing parties.

Unlike consumer satellite networks, who's contention ratios are in the stratosphere, Ground Control's satellite networks are designed to be available at the speed you require when you need it. We're net neutral, and performance optimized, which means you'll be able to use the programs you've always used, and they work like you expect they should.

Home office? We've got that covered. Click here for global service plans.


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Delivers the performance, compatibility, and reliability required by any organization.
Ground Control is a leader in mobile satellite solutions for all kinds of vehicles.
Carry in a laptop sized BGAN terminal for global high-speed Internet and phone.
Compact, easy to use and install, sail the seas of the world with full connectivity.
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Choose the most popular satellite phones on the market today.
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We are here to provide satellite solutions for your in-field requirements.

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