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Hughes 9502 One-Piece Integrated Terminal  Accessories - Photos - Documentation
A Remote Ethernet Port - Extend Your WAN To Any Location

This solution eliminates the need for an enclosure unlike the standard Hughes 9502 terminal.
Hughes 9502 One-Piece BGAN
Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN Terminal - One Piece
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Hughes 9502 M2M One-Piece BGAN

Price: $1,599 USD
w/out mounting kit
Normally priced at $1,895 USD
Price: $1,699 USD with mounting kit
(An excellent value)
MPN: 3500753-0021 | SKU: BGANT9502C
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9502 1P w/Mounting

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The engineers at Hughes have developed a one-piece 9502 BGAN terminal that places the modem behind the antenna. This amazing all-weather terminal is sealed (IP-66 Ingress) to withstand powerful waterjets from any direction. The 9502 One-Piece is identical in operation as the standard two-piece 9502, the difference being no bulky antenna cable or enclosure needed. Ethernet and 12 volt DC power are the only cables running to this terminal.

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The One-Piece 9502 system is also identical in service performance to the Two-Piece 9502, even though it has a smaller antenna. Both systems are class 2 BGAN terminals. Only a 12 volt power cable and an Ethernet cable are needed for the cable run to this device. Exterior rated Ethernet cables are rated for 328 foot (100 meter) cable runs.

Hughes 9502 One-Piece Contents
The Hughes 9502 include the One-Piece terminal, a padlockable security bar that keeps the enclosure caps from being removed, and 4 mounting bolts. We recommend the mounting bracket ($100 USD) when purchasing the One-Piece 9502.
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Hughes 9502 Main Page

Standard Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal
9502 Standard $999
Full Featured Hughes 9502
Hughes 9502 One-Piece Terminal
9502 One-Piece $1,599
Terminal-Antenna Integration
All Weather IP-66.
Hughes 9502 C1-D2 Terminal
9502 Hazardous $1,319
C1-D2 Hazardous Rated
For Flammable Locations  Buy
Hughes 9502 One-Piece Terminal
9502 Haz C1-D2 $1,659
C1-D2 Hazardous Rated
For Flammable Locations  Buy
Hughes 9502 BGAN One-Piece Terminal Photos
Hughes 9502 One-Piece holding in hand   Hughes 9502 One-Piece Bottom View
The Hughes 9502 One-Piece Terminal is excellent for locations that may not require an enclosure for remote equipment. (The Hughes 9502 standard system requires an enclosure).
The One-Piece places the Hughes 9502 terminal inside of a milled aluminum case with two caps on both ends to access the terminal controls. Removing the caps requires only a screwdriver with the four screw-bolts. These caps lock in place using the bar/plate (shown on top).
Hughes 9502 One-Piece Caps on   Hughes 9502 Caps off
The top and bottom views of the 9502 One-Piece Terminal. There are only two cable entry points on the bottom, Ethernet, and 12 volt DC power. There is no bulky 10 meter antenna cable to deal with, unlike the standard 2-piece 9502. This One-Piece makes installations easier and cleaner.
Here the 9502 One-Piece is shown with the end caps off.
Hughes 9502 View of back   Hughes 9502 Mounting Bracket
The backside of the Hughes 9502 One-Piece. Note the locking bar has a hole at the bottom designed for a padlock. The extra nut (4 on left, 3 on right) is for attaching a grounding wire.
There are four screw holes in the center used to mount the 9502 antenna mounting bracket (The 9502 mounting bracket is not included with the One-Piece price. It must be ordered separately).
Hughes 9502 One-Piece Antenna Size Comparison   Hughes 9502 One-Piece Width
Side-by-side comparison of the standard 9502 Antenna size, and the One-Piece antenna size. (15.2" vs 10.75" inches). A great feature about the One-Piece is that is requires NO BULKY ANTENNA CABLE. Just run Ethernet and 12 volt power.
The width of the 9502 One-Piece is 10.75" inches. Actual dimensions are 10.75" W x 12" H x 3.2" D (27.3 x 30.48 x 8.13 cm). Weight is just under 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Hughes 9502 One-Piece End Cap   Hughes 9502 One-Piece Cable Pass-Through
Here the Hughes 9502 end cap shows how the unit is sealed with a large black O-ring for an excellent seal against weather.   The cable passthroughs include a thick rubber seal ring that is compressed when the cap is tightened. Use of electrical tape (or rubber tape) can build the size of any cable up to take advantage of a tight compression seal.

Hughes 9502 One-Piece Documentation

Hughes 9502 One-Piece Brochure Icon Hughes 9502 Users Guide
Hughes 9502 One-Piece
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Hughes 9502 One-Piece
Users Guide
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