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Hughes 9502 One-Piece C1-D2 Hazardous Area BGAN Terminal
A Remote Ethernet Port - Extend Your WAN to Any Location

A Fixed Location Machine-To-Machine (M2M) BGAN Terminal - Near 100% Global Coverage
Hughes 9502 One Piece BGAN Terminal
Hughes 9502 M2M C1-D2 BGAN Terminal - One Piece
Shipping Worldwide
Hughes 9502 M2M
One-Piece Terminal C1-D2

Price: $1,659 USD
w/out mounting kit
Normally priced at $2,500 USD
Price: $1,759 USD with mounting kit
(An excellent value)
MPN: 3500753-0022 | SKU: BGANT9502D
Special Pricing
9502 1P C1D2 w/Mount

Must Include BGAN Service

Visa - MasterCard - Paypal
Orders outside of the US,
please email or call to order
This One-Piece 9502 is rated C1-D2 for hazardous locations such as petroleum refineries, and gasoline dispensing areas where flammable safety is priority. This 9502 operates identically to the standard 9502 terminal.

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Hughes C1-D2 9502
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Standard Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal
9502 Standard $999
Full Featured Hughes 9502
Hughes 9502 One-Piece Terminal
9502 One-Piece $1,599
Terminal-Antenna Integration
All Weather IP-66.
Hughes 9502 C1-D2 Terminal
9502 Hazardous $1,319
C1-D2 Hazardous Rated
For Flammable Locations  Buy
Hughes 9502 One-Piece Terminal
9502 Haz C1-D2 $1,659
C1-D2 Hazardous Rated
For Flammable Locations  Buy


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