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Hughes 9502 & BGAN Services
The Hughes 9502 is unique since it can use either the BGAN M2M service or the standard BGAN service plans which includes BGAN Link unlimited use service. Standard or unlimited BGAN service may be desired over BGAN M2M service when large amounts of data need to be transferred during the month. The only major difference between BGAN M2M and standard BGAN service is BGAN M2M has a very low minimum billing increment of 1 Kilobyte, where standard BGAN service has between 50 to 100 Kilobytes minimum billing increment. If equipment attached to the 9502 isn't starting multiple network connections many times throughout the day, then standard BGAN service may be preferable.

Hughes 9502 Quick Facts

Advantages of a Hughes 9502 over other BGAN terminals
Unmanned 24 x 7 operation - Other BGAN terminals will not maintain a 24 x 7 connection.
Very low operating wattage (4 watts) - great for solar installation.
Uses 12-24 volt DC power, a power saving advantage in remote operation.
Excellent for extreme weather installations.

Disadvantages of a 9502 over other BGAN terminals
There is no voice phone connectivity on the 9502 terminal.
The 9502 is designed for fixed locations. However, it may be moved at any time.

Other considerations using a Standard BGAN service
The minimum billing increment of standard BGAN is 100Kilobytes instead of 1 Kilobyte with M2M service.
Over-Air firmware upgrades using standard BGAN service are no longer free (3 to 4 Megabytes).
The 9502 may not be switched back to using M2M service if upgraded to standard usage.

Please Contact a Ground Control sales representative to get the activation code to convert your Hughes 9502.

BGAN Services for the Hughes 9502
Below are the four different kinds of BGAN service available to the Hughes 9502. BGAN M2M service is for transmitting between 2 to 20 Megabytes per month per terminal. The Standard BGAN service is for transferring more than 20, and probably less than 1 Gigabyte per month. The Unlimited BGAN Link service is a quarterly or yearly term that has unlimited use.. and the new Standard+ plan has tiered pricing including unlimited use.

 Hughes 9502 - Using BGAN M2M Service
BGAN Sim Card BGAN M2M Service - 2 Megabytes per month M2M plans start at $23.99 per month. BGAN M2M service is designed for small data transmissions for machine to machine communication from any location on the globe.

 Hughes 9502 - Using Standard BGAN Service
BGAN Sim Card Standard BGAN Service - The Hughes 9502 can use the High-Priority and Low-Priority BGAN service offered by Ground Control - more

 Hughes 9502 - Using BGAN Link Service
BGAN Sim Card BGAN Link Service - The Hughes 9502 may use BGAN Link for a single fixed GPS location for unlimited use from that location. The BGAN Link monthly fee for the 9502 in many countries starts at $1,500 per month with a 12 month term.

 Hughes 9502 - Using Standard+ Service
BGAN Sim Card BGAN Standard+ - Allows the Hughes 9502 to move anywhere without issues for a tiered pricing structure and includes unlimited use at a low per-Megabyte cost. This consumer grade routing service may be ideal for some installations. Please read more here.

Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminals Available

Standard Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal
9502 Standard $1,235
Full Featured Hughes 9502
Standard Model Buy
Hughes 9502 One-Piece Terminal
9502 One-Piece $1,665
Terminal-Antenna Integration
All Weather IP-66.
Hughes 9502 C1-D2 Terminal
9502 Hazardous $1,595
Rated Class 1 Division 2
For Flammable Locations  Buy
Hughes 9502 One-Piece Terminal
9502 Haz C1-D2 $2,500
One-Piece Class 1 Division 2
For Flammable Locations  Buy

BGAN Equipment BGAN Main Page
Ground Control is an expert in all things BGAN. Here is a link to our main BGAN page for information on equipment and and support on using BGAN from anywhere in the world. more

Why Choose Ground Control?
While there are other resellers you could choose to purchase your BGAN equipment and service from... with Ground Control, you are working with a BGAN Internet Service Provider where our performance BGAN servers include BGAN Max that can substantially reduce online costs. We also provide a no-cost BGAN Firewall option for high-security, and Auto-Registration pre-configuration for one-button activations... and many many other benefits. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative to help you find the most cost effective satellite communications solution for any situation.

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