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No FAP - No Shutoff

Ground Control is Business Friendly Connectivity

Unlike Hughesnet or Exede or other consumer satellite providers, Ground Control does not slow down or shutoff your Internet service if you go over your usage allotment.

When you hit the Hughesnet FAP or "Fair Access Policy" your connection becomes useless for up to 24 hours or longer.

For most organizations, having their service choked down to a speed slower than a dial-up modem for 24 hours is unacceptable.

Ground Control will never shut down or slow your connection. What we do is charge a small out-of-plan charge per Megabyte, much like a cellular plan. We find that ALL business prefers this billing method.

And there are many other reasons to choose Ground Control, such as our upload speeds are far faster, we're net-neutral... - Click to see why professionals use Ground Control


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