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  Iridium PTT Coverage Map
Iridium Coverage Map

Basice on the Iridium Coverage Map

Iridium Coverage Map

Iridium service is 100% global, even on the north and south poles. It does this by using a large number of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites that are moving across the sky at 17,000 mph (27,000k kph). Your Iridium satellite phone connects with these LEO satellites for communication.

There are 66 Iridium satellites in LEO orbits, 485 miles (780 km) above the Earth's surface, traveling from horizon to horizon with a maximum view time of 10 minutes each. Here is a Youtube Video that shows the Iridium orbits. When one satellite drops below the horizon, another is already in view... however for best results to stay connected, stay under a large sky. For a real-time tracking of the Iridium satellite, click here.

Iridium PTT Service Regions
What makes the Iridium PTT service a bit different is that while service is global, you must narrow the service region of your PTT Talkgroups to up to 10 different locations anywhere on the globe. Updating uses the Iridium PTT Command Center web portal to create these regions. Updates are near instant, so in effect, service is 100% global as long as the service regions are updated to where needed. There is no added cost to creating regions in your chosen plan and moving them around at any time.

Iridium PTT Service Regions

Above is a screenshot of the Iridium PTT Command Center regional service creation map. Select a circle or square/rectangle and drag and drop it to the region you wish to have PTT service to. Click on the SAVE button to instantly update the PTT service map for a PTT Talkgroup. In this case, the Talkgroup name is San Luis GRP.

Here is more information on using the Iridium PTT Command Center.

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