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Local Phone Numbers for Iridium Go
$10 usd a month + $1.49/minute
Worldwide Local Phone Numbers Available - For All Iridium GO Terminals From Any Iridium GO Provider

Give your Iridium GO a local phone number from most any city in the world. Let those trying to reach you avoid being blocked by their phone or cellular provider, or pay exorbitant rates when making an International call to your satellite phone.


Request A Local Number For Your Iridium GO
(typing 737 proves your are not a robot)  
Please tell us below what country and closest city you would like a local number to your Iridium GO satellite phone. We'll let you know availability and setup your account.
Fill out the above form and we'll write back with local phone number availability and even help you activate your first local number account. Once created, you are given online web portal access to manage your phone number and have it point to any satellite phone number at any time.

Why a Local Number for a Satellite Phone?
The phone connected to your Iridium GO satellite terminal is a long 14 or 15 digit international number that looks like 011881772520732, which for many is very confusing... add to that most phone cellular companies simply block international calls or charge exorbitant calling rates as high as $10 per minute, it not hard to see why adding a local number to your satellite phone may be essential.

Local Numbers Anywhere
We offer most US Area Codes and many countries a local phone number that can be assigned to ANY satellite phone from ANY Iridium service provider. Calls made in the same country to this number are "local" so the caller never pays international rates and their calls are never blocked.

We issue a login and password to our local number service portal to allow any subscriber to create and manage their local number(s). Local number service is $10 a month and $3.44 a minute for calls made to that local number that connects to your Iridium GO. The caller never pays anything other than calling the local number since this service pays for the "international" call. You can still choose to give out your longer satellite phone number (where incoming calls are free to the subscriber), but the caller is burdened with making an international call.

The Advantages of Having Local Number Are:
►Have a 2nd "local" number for your satellite phone.
►Callers won't have trouble calling because their phone provider "blocks" international calls.
►Callers are not charged international rates for calling since they are calling a local number.
►A "local" satellite phone number is seen as a typical looking number and not intimidating.
►A web interface lets one point the local number to any satellite phone at any time.
►The web interface provides access to detailed call records instantly. May setup auto-reports.
►Management tools let you add any number of satellite phones to the account.
►You can use your cell phone number and receive calls over satellite using call forwarding.

Powerful Web Interface
Add one or more phones, create monthly invoice auto-reports, create a block-list, and a host of other tools to use from an online portal. Creating a local number is easy.. after selecting which city in which country you want the local number in, use this screen below to instantly create a local number for your Iridium GO.

Inmarsat BGAN Local Number - Web Interface

Starting Local Number Service
To start local number service, please fill out the form above.

Once you're signed up, you are given online portal access for complete management of your account 24 x 7 which include pointing your number to a different satellite phone, suspending service, or reviewing your calls. There are no long term contracts so it is risk free.

Want more information? Have questions? Please write us at and we'll help you out!

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