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  Iridium GO! Testimonials - Reviews - Wish List

We wanted to share the comments of our Iridium GO subscribers, as wel las offering a wish-list of software/hardware improvements we'd like to see. Since the product has just rolled on August 1st, 2014, the potential for quick improvement is very high.

Iridium GO Reviews
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Review by Marc E. - August 19, 2014
The GO device looks to be working fine. From my viewpoint, it is robust feeling, good size, good accessories. Battery depletes fast and the Wi-Fi is consuming on smartphone battery as well. Connects fast, works even on cars dashboard or in rooms when at a window, used in an aircraft.

Iridium GO Wish-List
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If a data session disconnects, the Iridium GO should issue a Pop-Up message, similar to an instant text, to all connected smart devices. Currently there is no way of knowing a data session has just disconnected, other than manually checking to see if the connection is up or down. Submitted on 8-19-2014

If a data session disconnects while an data event is happening (such as email transferring or a web page loading), the GO should automatically try to re-establish the data connection without manual intervention... at least for a period of 5 minutes. 8-19-2014

Users should be able to connect/manage their email from a normal Internet connection, either by a standard smtp mail client or a Iridium webmail page. Limiting email access only via the GO will aliniate email addresses and brand them as "temporary" emergency email addresses. 8-19-2014

The Email App should give the option to only download headers of emails sent to the email address. Once the headers are downloaded, allow selection of these emails where the body will be downloaded on the next "check email" command. This will save time from downloading SPAM and other unrequired email on the Iridium network. 8-19-2014

Email should have an "Open In" feature for mail attachments so that attachments may be opened by programs other than iTunes. 8-19-2014

With Email, If you download mail, and the connection is lost, you start at the last point. This is not true for sending mails. You have to start all over again and hope the data connection does not disconnect. Sending mail should reestablish the data upload where the disconnection happened. 8-19-2014

The Opera browser start page of is outdated. Wapedia is not working, the Opentimes website is useless. A link to wikipedia would be nice. 8-19-2014

Please submit your "Wish List" ideas/improvements to

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