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  Troubleshooting Tips for the Iridium GO!
Below are some issues we've found with the Iridium Go, and how to fix them. Many issues can be resolved by reviewing the Advanced Users Screens of the Iridium Go, or reading one of Iridium GO Support Manuals.

Mail & Web App Does Not Allow Users To Surf The Web
Added 9-30-2014
Affected platforms: Apple iOS 7 or later

Symptoms: “Failed to connect: Proxy refusing connection” error messages in Opera Mini browser

Brief description of the issue: Iridium Mail & Web requires users to install Opera Mini browser on their mobile Apple devices. When a connection is being established by Iridium GO! device to the network, Opera browser performs a DNS lookup to go online. Since DNS lookups are also used by a wide variety of mobile apps such as iCloud, Dropbox, other Cloud-based services, the network connection is overwhelmed due to the amount of DNS lookup requests being sent by such apps. These requests prevent Opera Mini browser to request any content for a user-specified url or website resulting in “Failed to connect: Proxy refusing connection” error message.

Resolution: Iridium strongly advises iOS users to disable various apps, including cloud-based apps that run in the background. The following procedures should be performed before using the Iridium Mail & Web app with Iridium GO!:

1) Ensure that “Data Savings’ mode is enabled on the Opera Mini browser.

2) Disable iCloud, Dropbox, other commonly used services on the mobile device:

Go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores and turn off Automatic downloads for all apps. Also turn off iTunes Match.

Go to Settings > iCloud and turn off Find my iPhone, and iCloud Backup (within ‘Storage & Backup’ menu)

3) Disable Photo Stream on the mobile device:
Go to Settings > Photos & Camera and turn off My Photo Stream.

4) Disable any Social Media or Audio/Video conferencing apps such as Skype, FaceTime within Settings on the mobile device.

5) Disable Location Services on the mobile device. Steps to follow:
Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Turn off location services for all apps except Iridium GO! and Iridium Mail & Web apps.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and turn off all options except Compass Calibration and Setting Time Zone

6) Enable only manual fetching of emails on the mobile device:
Go to Settings > Mails, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and turn off ‘Push’ option.

Go to Settings > Mails, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and set ‘Fetch’ option to ‘Manually’.

In order to completely mitigate the effect of apps & services requiring DNS communication with the network, Iridium is implementing software changes to Iridium GO! device and Iridium Mail & Web app. These updates are expected to be available in Q1 2015. This release will automatically close off cloud-based connections for iOS.

Recommended tips
Users are also strongly advised to follow these recommended tips for effective use of satellite data and achieve improved experience with the internet, as it is not as fast as cellular data and usually costs more:

Visit the list of mobile websites displayed at

Use the mobile, low bandwidth-optimized version of Google search website:

Check the ‘Hide Images’ option to further improve loading time for a website.

Use mobile-optimized versions of websites.

Avoid large downloads such as large email attachments, music or pictures.

Reduce the image quality size when sending as an email attachment.

Use websites that offer text-only browsing option

Kindly take note that data services supported on the Iridium GO! utilize a narrowband data connection that offers 2.4kbps speeds suited for specially designed applications with restricted ability to connect to standard web pages. As such, you should not be expecting to replicate the connectivity speeds experienced in your home, office or cellular network.

Iridium Mail & Web App seems to be connected to the Iridium network but users are unable to send email, social media updates or update weather forecasts
Added 9-30-2014
Affected platforms: Apple iOS 6.1 or later, Android 2.3 or later

Symptoms: Error messages such as “Connection Failed”, “Could not connect to the network” displayed during network connection phase

Brief description: Iridium Mail & Web utilizes the integration capabilities offered by Iridium GO!. When a user initiates a network connection to go online from the app and there is sufficient satellite signal strength available, Iridium GO! authenticates the user with Iridium’s backend authorization systems and starts a network connection. The authentication phase can sometimes fail resulting in the app unable to open a network connection.

Resolution: Iridium plans to address this issue with a mid-October update to the Iridium Mail & Web app. This update will include increased connection buffers to improve connection reliability. In the interim, users are advised to redial the connection in case of an authentication failure.

Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi
Added 8-13-2014
A subscriber couldn't see the Wi-Fi on several of his android devices. Problem was the Go device was in a certain power mode where Wi-Fi was OFF to conserve battery. To turn Wi-Fi back on for the Go, please read page 38 and 39 of the Iridium Go Users Manual.

Making-Receiving Phone Calls
Added 8-29-2014
This page will help with making or receiving calls with your Smartphone paired with the Iridium GO.

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