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Making Calls Over Iridium Satellite Phones
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Making Calls With Iridium Satellite Phones

All calls made from an Iridium satellite phone are considered "International" calls. If you've never made one before, it can be a bit confusing. This tutorial will help you make your first call, as well as how to call an Iridium phone from anywhere.

Every Iridium phone is assigned a 9 digit international telephone number along with a 3 digit Country Code. The Country code for all Iridium phones is 881. Iridium phone numbers can be called from any phone on the planet. If you do not know your Iridium phone number, please contact your Iridium service provider or Ground Control, or if you can, just call any phone with caller ID... which will show the Iridium number.

Making a call FROM an Iridium phone

To make a call from an Iridium phone into the United States, dial the United States country code (001), and then the area code, and then the phone number.

Example - (Calling a U.S. Phone Number from an Iridium Phone): 001 805 783 4600
In this example, 805 is an area code in the U.S.

For calling into another country:
Dial the country code then the full phone or fax number. To locate the country code that you are calling into, please visit:

Making a call TO an Iridium phone

To call a Iridium Go Phone from the United States, dial 011 and then Iridium's country code of 881 then the 9 digit Iridium phone number. Note that 881 is the Country Code for all Iridium phones.

Example 1 - (Calling an Iridium Phone from the U.S.): 011 881 672520732

From outside United States please use this tool to help you find the correct number sequence.

Example 2 - (Calling an Iridium Phone From Afghanistan): 00 881 672520732

Each country is different, however many countries use 00 plus the country code. We also recommend using this tool to help you find the correct number sequence. If this doesn't work, you may always ask for assistance from an operator to help connect. You only need to know the 870 country code and the 9 digit Iridium phone number for the operator to connect you.

Note - While the Iridium account will not be charged for any incoming calls placed to it, the calling party WILL pay for satellite Iridium phone rates. Charges vary widely between phone providers from $1 to $10 U.S. per minute, and some phone providers block international calling. The calling party can ask their phone provider for their international plan rate to "Iridium" which has its own Country Code of 881. Phone providers often have small international plans that can be added to avoid paying any exorbitant per-minute fees. Also consider adding a local number for the Iridium phone.

Iridium to Iridium - Making a call FROM an Iridium phone TO an Iridium phone

To place calls between Iridium phones, you may need to dial 00, and then dial the 9 digit Iridium GO number.

Accessing Iridium Voice Mail
Iridium voice mail be accessed by pressing on the Voicemail Icon, or calling 662990000 from a Iridium phone or 011-881-662990000 from any other phone. When prompted, you will be asked for your Iridium phone number when prompted, as well as the VoiceMail PIN. Please read page 31 from the Iridium Users Manual for detailed Iridium voicemail information.

An Excellent Tool For ALL Iridium Calling
This handy website helps find the exact number sequence you need in order to place a call to or from a Iridium phone from anywhere in the world. Please use "Inmarsat" as the country you are calling to or from (apologies, but Iridium isn't listed yet... but you can use 881 in place of Inmarsat 870 to or from).

On this web page, you may

Example 3... If you are calling a Iridium Iridium phone:
1. Under "Where are you calling from", select the country you are calling from.
2. Under where are you calling to, select "Inmarsat". (It isn't Iridium, but it's close. Simply swap out 870 with 881).
3. Click on Submit.
4. On the screen that appears, you should have the prefix numbers before the 870 Inmarsat international number and then the 9 digit Iridium number.

Example 4... If you are calling from a Iridium Iridium phone:
1. Under "Where are you calling from", select "Inmarsat".
2. Under "Where are you calling to", select the country you are calling.
3. Click on Submit.
4. On the screen that appears, choose the pull down window labeled “City Info…” and choose SNAC (Single Network Access Code). That number and the 9 digit Iridium number should connect you. Make sure you replace the 870 country code with 881 for Iridium

Add a Local Number to an Iridium Phone (Keeps incoming calls from having to pay)

Add a Local Number
From Any Country
The Iridium phone number is an international number that looks like: 011-881-672520732. You have the option of adding a local number (from any country) that connects the caller to the Iridium phone. This service pays for the cost of the call and is helpful for those that desire a simple local number, and not charging the calling party for a Iridium call.
Info Link
$10 USD a month
$1.49 per minute

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