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  Iridium Openport Calling Rates - Non Standard
For calls placed with the Iridium Openport Satellite Telephones
 Non-Standard Calling Rates - Placed From an Iridium Satellite Phone
 Satellite phone calls are only billed when placing a call. Incoming calls are always free.
  Calling Placed To Rate
(in US Dollars)
  Iridium to Iridium Posted on main page
  Iridium to Iridium Voicemail Same pricing as Iridium to Iridium
  Iridium 2-stage dialing Same as Iridium to Landlline
  Fixed to Openport +1 number Same as Iridium to Landlline
  Iridium to other MSS System (Inmarsat, BGAN, Fleetbroadband...) $9.99 per minute
  SMS Texting & FAX services
Not Available on Openport

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