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  Command Center for the Iridium PTT - Command Center Login
Iridium PTT Command Center

Command Center Portal Overview - For PTT Subscriber
The Command Center is accessed by the account holder/subscriber and gives your administrator the ability to assign PTT phones to Talkgroups and draw the service regions where the PTT phones will operate.

A quick overview to the tools the Command Center provide to subscribers are:

1. Creation PTT service regions for each purchased Talkgroup on a global interactive map.
2. Rename all PTT devices from the default name of the IMEI device serial number.
3. Name each Talkgroup.
4. Drag-and-drop PTT devices (handsets) onto Talkgroups.
5. Update PTT service regions for each Talkgroup at any time (there is no cost to make updates).
6. Create additional administrators and assign "User" and "Super User" privileges.

Iridium PTT Talkgroups
A "Talkgroup" is basically one or more service regions specific to that Talkgroup and drawn and updated in the command center real-time. PTT handsets are easily added by dragging-and-dropping them onto a Talkgroup. PTT phones located inside any of the service regions of that Talkgroup communicate with each other with the Push-to-talk button. A subscriber may have more than one Talkgroup and handsets can be added to more than one Talkgroup (up to 15). The Command Center will show all available Talkgroups and the handsets that are in that Talkgroup.

Below is a single Talkgroup by the name of "San Luis GRP" that has 3 service regions assigned to it. Note that the map itself is scalable to global size.

Iridium PTT Talkgroup

Clicking on the above Talkgroup takes you to the editing screen where you can create, move, resize your current service regions explained next.

PTT - Create Service Regions For Talkgroups
The PTT Command Center lets you easily create service regions on a Google Map. Making a service region is as easy as clicking on the circle or square/rectangle and moving the service region to any location on the planet. There are no restrictions on where the service region can be located and you may have multiple service regions as long as you don't go over the size limit of the Talkgroup (Here is a link to Talkgroups & pricing).
All service regions created in one Talkgroup are NOT independent of each other, but allow communication with all PTT phones in all service regions in that Talkgroup no matter their location, even if one region is on the other side of the planet. Up to 10 service regions may be created per Talkgroup except small Talkgroups that are limited to 5 regions.

Iridium PTT Command Center Service Regions

The above map shows that there are three service regions created. PTT Phones located in any of these regions may connect with PTT phones from other regions using the PTT button on the handset. Click on the circle or square to create a new region. In this example, a small Talkgroup that has a total size under 100,000 square kilometers is being created.

PTT Command Center Edit Screen

The PTT Command Center editing tools are intuitive and quite easy to use. Each Talkgroup has a maximum size, and you may use it with multiple service regions, or larger regions by resizing the square, rectangle or circle tools (resizing will show you the total current size, and the program will not allow editing to a size larger than the Talkgroup sized purchased. Make sure to click the save button to make the updates active.

All Command Center updates are instantly activated and available to all PTT phones once saved.

PTT - Devices and Talkgroups
Now that you have your defined Talkgroup regions, the next step is to drag and drop the handsets that are to be in a Talkgroup. By default all handsets are named by their IMEI number (or serial device serial number), so it is recommend to rename the handset to something reflecting it's location, vehicle number, or person it is to be assigned to.

PTT Device Page - Talkgroups

In this example only two handsets are shown, but this screen will handle an unlimited number of PTT handsets. Also, any number of Talkgroups may be purchased-created. PTT handsets can be assigned from 0 to 15 Talkgroups. Talkgroups can contain any number of PTT handsets at no added cost.

This is just a brief listing of the Command Center features and we recommend spending some time with the interface to become familiar with its many other features.

Command Center Login
The Iridium Command Center is accessed from any computer connected to the Internet at PTT Service Subscribers should have have received login information directly from Iridium or Ground Control in order to connect. If you are missing your login information, please contact

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Iridium PTT Brochure
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Iridium PTT User Manual
Iridium PTT Command Center User Manual
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