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  Does the iSavi IsatHub work on the water or ocean?
While the iSavi terminal was designed to operate from a non-moving base, our customers are having success using it on the open ocean. While we can't guarantee service, it appears use of the terminal on a cruise ship or other large vessel is possible as long as the ship is traveling in a straight line. Bon Voyage!

For more information, please contact one of our sales representatives at +1 805.783.4600 during business hours, or by email at

iSavi IsatHub on a cruise ship

Explorer 510 - Ocean Boat Use
For a superior open-ocean experience, we recommend using the Explorer 510 BGAN terminal at $2,176 that has a far wider view angle than the IsatHub iSavi (after connecting to the network). The Explorer 510 is also a larger "class 2" antenna, with a stronger transmitter/receiver and speeds much faster using the BGAN network than the iSavi using the IsatHub network. Here is information on the Explorer 510 BGAN terminal.

MCD-4800 Ocean Internet Use
And for the ultimate in portable maritime connectivity, we recommend the MCD-4800 BGAN Terminal which is also a class 2 BGAN terminal with an auto-acquire antenna that can stay connected in rough seas turing any direction. Here is information on the MCD-4800.


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