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The IsatHub Coverage Map
IsatHub Coverage Map
Ground Control's IsatHub coverage from Inmarsat is global. Any IsatHub capable terminal will operate in any country within any of the three coverage areas above with any of Ground Control's IsatHub Service Plans. Also, any IsatHub terminal may move to any location and connect with any of the satellites without need to reconfigure the system or need to purchase any different service plan (ideal for world travelers). Note that the IsatHub coverage area uses the same three Inmarsat satellites that services BGAN terminals.

IsatHub Coverage Map - PDF

Inmarsat Satellite Names and Orbital Locations
I-4 Americas 98° West
Alphasat (Europe, Middle-East, Africa) 24.8° East
I-4 Asia-Pacific 143.5° East

Can The iSavi Be Used On A Ship or Boat?
The iSavi terminal has a very narrow look angle, which means that if the boat is in rolling seas, it could easily disconnect. However, if the vessel were traveling on calm waters in a straight line, it could possible work. Do note that while Inmarsat does not have a stated policy of IsatHub use on the open ocean, many have had success using a BGAN terminals on the ocean since they do have wider look angles. Inmarsat recommends using FleetBroadband service for sea worthy maritime service. Ground Control makes no guarantees service will be available in International waters, however we do believe the risk is low.

Interesting Facts On BGAN I-4 Satellites and Coverage Area
Today there are three BGAN Satellites that give contiguous worldwide coverage. Each I-4 can generate 19 wide beams and more than 200 narrow spot beams. These can quickly be reconfigured and focused anywhere on Earth to provide extra capacity where needed.

Some of the spacecraft's impressive features include:

  • The I-4 body - approaching the size of a double-decker bus at 7m x 2.9m x 2.3m
  • Solar arrays - approaching the width of a football pitch, with an immense wing span of 45 meters
  • Solar panels - combining conventional silicon with advanced gallium arsenide (GaAs) cells for optimum efficiency
  • Digital signal processor - controlling the antennas, beam forming and channel allocation
  • Reflector - 9 meters wide and designed to unfurl in orbit like a giant flower
  • Antennas - 120 helix elements combined in a single flexible array
  • Thrusters - both chemical and plasma ion for orbital station keeping
Look Angle Map
If you know your location on the map below, you can approximate the compass heading,
as well as how many degrees up from the horizon one of the Inmarsat satellites will be.

BGAN Look Angle

Spot-Beams for Seamless Coverage

There are 228 Spot beams for each of the I-4 Inmarsat satellites.

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