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IsatPhone Pro Incoming Phone Charges
Free Incoming Calls
When you answer a call on your IsatPhone Pro, you are not charged for any amount of time you are on the phone. The cost of the call is placed on the calling party.

Charges for the calling party will vary between their phone providers (anywhere from $1 to $10 U.S. per minute). To find out the rate, the caller may contact their phone provider and ask for their plan rates to Inmarsat which has its own Country Code. The Country Code number is "870". Phone providers often have international plans for a small added monthly fee that can be added to avoid paying exorbitant per-minute fees.

Add a Local Phone Number (Keeps incoming calls from having to pay international phone rates)
  A Local Number Add to the IsatPhone a local phone number, and cover the cost of the incoming call. This service is helpful for those that wish a simple number, and keep callers from being charged international phone rates.
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$10 a month + minutes

Below is a video tutorial for making calls over the IsatPhone Pro satellite phone.


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