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IsatPhone Pro Data Service

Data Service for the IsatPhone Pro is free with any IsatPhone Pro service purchased from Ground Control. You only pay for the cost of making a standard call. This low speed Internet connection can be a critical lifeline for transmitting or receiving information when no other means of communication is possible.

IsatPhone Data And Internet

IsatPhone With Laptop While the Internet connection of an IsatPhone is VERY slow, (2.5 Kbps) when it is paired with a small netbook computer, this solution is one of the lightest global Internet connection available today. IsatPhone Pro Info

How does IsatPhone Data Service work?
The IsatPhone Pro has a built-in dial-up modem that connects to the Internet by calling our data phone number, much like a computer dial-up modem connects to the Internet over telephone lines. A computer is connected to the IsatPhone by a mini USB cable. Instructions for setting up the computer to communicate with the IsatPhone Pro, and making the data call are available on request.

How fast is IsatPhone Data Service?
Very Slow. It's about 2.4 Kbps or 20Kbps with compression, and should not be considered a normal Internet connection. You will need to configure your email and other applications to transmit and receive minimal amounts of data for this service to be practical. We will show you how.

If speed and portability is important, Ground Control recommends the BGAN Explorer 300, that uses the same IsatPhone satellites, but has broadband transfer speeds of 384 Kbps.

How much does the Data Service cost?

The monthly IsatPhone data service with Ground Control is included at no additional cost. You only pay for the standard calling per-minute rate. Please request this service to be activated when you purchase a service plan.

Is the IsatPhone per-minute cost cheaper than BGAN Service?
NO. BGAN charges about $6 per Megabyte transferred, while IsatPhone standard calling rates are are about $1 per minute. A BGAN terminal would download a 100 Kilobyte page in about 5 seconds for about .60 cents. The IsatPhone would take 5.5 minutes to download that same page at a cost of $5. If Internet is important, BGAN is the preferred solution.

Should I expect problems when using this connection?
Yes. Since most computers today have background applications that connect to the Internet, anything that tries to connect will clog the very small data pipe. Ground Control will provide you a guide to configure your computer to help stop unwanted traffic to the Internet.

What kinds of computers can use the IsatPhone Data Service?
Windows XP thru Windows 7 (32 and 64bit). This is because only these operating systems can use the USB driver software that allows the IsatPhone to communicate with a connected computer. No other software needs to be loaded.

Can any Browser or Email program be used?
Most applications are bandwidth hogs, and may "time-out" because the load time takes to long. Ground Control will offer a guide showing our recommend browser and email programs for low-bandwidth connecting.

BGAN Optimized Computer For those that do not wish to hassle of configuring a computer for low bandwidth connectivity, Ground Control offers a Optimized Laptop that is pre-configured for these situations. We've installed applications for email and browsing that work well over this connection.

Do I need to run any special program while using the IsatPhone Data Service?
No. Connecting to the Internet through the IsatPhone does not require any special software (besides the USB drivers). Once you are connected, you are online.

How long does it take a email to load?
If no other applications are using the Internet connection, and only text is downloaded from a email, it will take about 10 to 20 seconds per email header. Without optimization email that has graphics in it would take minutes if not hours to load and will sometimes time-out.

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