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miniVSAT Service
Global Coverage Area
KVH miniVSAT on yacht
Sailboat with miniVSAT V3-IP antenna
LNG Tanker using KVH V7-IP for miniVSAT service
miniVSAT by KVH Laptop Use
lSailor using miniVSAT service
KVH V7-IP on sailboat mast
Installing a KVH V7-IP miniVSAT antenna
Coast Guard patrol boat using KVH marine antenna
Using miniVSAT service on yacht
KVH miniVSAT Sailboat
KVH V7-IP on commercial vessel
KVH V3-Ip on sailboat mast
Military using KVH miniVSAT antennas
SeaRay with KVH V3-Ip miniVSAT Internet antenna and service
TracPhone V7-IP in yacht mast
Cruising Alaska with a KVH miniVSAT antenna
  KVH miniVSAT - Coverage Maps
KVH miniVSAT service is global
(except for polar regions)
KVH marine satellite mini-VSATGlobal Coverage Map

mini-VSATGlobal Coverage Map

Seamless Worldwide Coverage
KVH miniVSAT is a global service, with coverage at all but the extreme polar regions.

TracPhone V11, V11-IP Coverage Map
KVH marine satellite TracPhone V11, V11-IP Coverage Map
TracPhone V7-IP Coverage
KVH marine satellite TracPhone V7-IP Coverage
TracPhone V7, V3-IP, and V3 Coverage
KVH marine satellite TracPhone V7, V3-IP, and V3 Coverage
Iridium OpenPort Pole-to-Pole L-band Coverage
KVH marine satellite Iridium OpenPort Pole-to-Pole L-band Coverage
  Featured Options for miniVSAT
  First voice line at no charge, second voice line is available
       Give your miniVSAT service a second phone line.
$20 per month + minutes
More Info
  Add Global Static IP Address
       Static IP's, or "Global IP's" are often used for VPN's. Available for allminiVSAT antennas and        service plans. A maximum of 5 Global Static IP addresses are available per modem.
$29 Monthly, Setup Fee $149 (USD)

  Virtual Local Phone Numbers
       A Virtual local phone numbers can be added (up to 5 max per voice line) where available and        are subject to in-country regulations. The list of available area/city codes worldwide can be        found at 

$20 per Number
MCD-4800 Offshore  
MCD-4800 - Global All-Weather Maritime Hotspot
Simply place the closed MCD-4800 waterproof case under an open sky rain-or-shine on land or at sea anywhere on the globe and turn it on... in under a minute it becomes a broadband WiFi satellite Internet hotspot. Service plans plans run about $5 per Megabyte transferred using standard BGAN service.
MCD-4800 Information
Other miniVSAT Features
High-Speed Internet connectivity that works just like terrestrial networks.
Operates on any vessel type.
No special requirements for installation (even self installation).
Self-contained. Requires only power and a clear view of the sky.
Works with standard corded or cordless phone. Terminal jack is assigned a phone number.
Easy to operate. No complicated networking. No IT specialist to keep it functioning.
Highly reliable. miniVSAT antennas operate very well in sever weather and rough seas.
Worldwide unbroken ocean-to-ocean coverage. Coverage Map Details

Global Internet In A Case - Land & Sea Comms
Ground Control manufactures a 100% global Internet case that uses the Iridium satellite network. Dubbed the MCD-Pilot, this multi-purpose case can be used on any surface, moving or stationary, anywhere on the planet... especially polar regions not covered by geostationary satellites. It is a WiFi hotspot that provides up to 128 Kbps Internet speeds, 3 phone lines and operates up to 20 hours on internal battery. A 100% global-ready office - more info

MCD-PILOT Global Case
Make Any miniVSAT A Wi-Fi Hotspot
Any authorized wireless device, such as laptop, iPad or smartphone can easily connect by simply using a standard wireless router.
BGAN Wireless Access Point

 KVH miniVSAT Equipment Brochures and Manuals
PDF Icon KVH INteractive Brochure (Requires latest Flash Player)
pdf icon USER'S GUIDE - TracPhone V11-IP
pdf icon USER'S GUIDE - TracPhone V7-IP
pdf icon USER'S GUIDE - TracPhone V3-IP
pdf icon USER MANUAL - Iridium Pilot

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