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MCD-4800 - Partner/Reseller Programs

The MCD-4800 (aka The Football) is an integrated satellite technology manufactured by Ground Control

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Ground Control manufactures the The MCD-4800, and we are offering several reseller options.

1. Dealer - This basic partner program allows you to ship one or more terminals that are branded "Ground Control". You have the added option of drop shipping to any destination from our manufacturing plant in California. more

2. Non-Branded Dealer - Resell a generic non-branded MCD-4800 that has no Ground Control branding. Your firm may brand the MCD-4800 software with your logo and the external labels with your own stickers. more

3. Preferred Partner - Preferred rates for certain resellers who meet qualifications. Includes many benefits that may include company branding. more


MCD-4800 Brochure


MCD-4800 Closed

MCD-4800 On A Oil Supply Ship
MCD-4800 Fan and Dome
MCD-4800 defence use
Mining use of the MCD-4800
Oil Rig uses MCD-4800
MCD-4800 Open Case

1. Dealer MCD-4800 Reselling

Dealer sales of the Ground Control branded MCD-4800 are an informal arrangement between our companies. Simply write with your reseller request for 1 to 10 terminals, and we'll offer you dealer pricing. You have the option of having us ship direct to your firm, or drop-shipping to your client.

2. Non-Branded Dealer

Your firm has the option to resell a non-branded generic version of the MCD-4800 that has no Ground Control branding on the terminal. These terminals let you add your own logo to the MCD-4800 software, and you do have the option of affixing stickers to the outside of the terminal to brand with your company name.

Branded software
Branded Software
Ground Control's web interface of the MCD-4800 can be rebranded to your company information.

Other generic branding aspects of the MCD-4800 are:
A generic Quickstart guide affixed inside the lid.
Generic User Manual.
Generic product brochure.

For more information on this option, please write

3. Preferred Partner

Becoming a Ground Control Preferred Partner is done on a case-by-case basis that if approved will result in the lowest wholesale rates available.

Preferred partner benefits include:
> Lowest wholesale costs.
> Optional company branding
> Optional access to marketing materials & high resolution photos
> Optional storage of MCD-4800 for shipment from California
> Optional dropshipping of completed MCD-4800s to any worldwide address with your company information on the shipment.
> Optional use of your organization's UPS, FedEx or DHL account number to ship to any destination at no additional shipping or handling cost.
> Optional Technical Support - in your company name, that includes a direct phone number to our support department, answered in your name.
> Optional long-term maintenance/warranty for your end users that require 2 or 5 years to maintain any issue that may go wrong with the terminal.
> Optional language translation to any language for all documentation of the MCD-4800.

For for information, please write

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