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Recloser Control Communication - Hughes 9502 Satellite Terminals   
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A Low-Cost 24 x 7 Remote Ethernet Port - Extend Your Network to Any Recloser Globally

In Stock The 9502 is a fixed-location remote Ethernet port for unmanned equipment - Near 100% Global Coverage
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Reclosure Communication via Satellite
Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN Terminal - Two Piece
SKU#: BGANT9502 MCN: 3500509-0001 - Shipping Worldwide
Hughes 9502 (EU) RoHS class 2 BGAN Terminal - In Stock

Price: $999 USD w/out mounting kit
Normally priced at $1,235 USD
Price: $1,099 USD with mounting kit

MPN: 3500509-0001 | SKU: BGANT9502A

9502 system contents include the Hughes 9502 two-piece terminal, antenna and 10 meter antenna cable - more
Special Pricing
9502 With Mounting

Must Include BGAN Service
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Put an Ethernet Port at any recloser location anywhere in the world for $23.99/month. The Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal is an ideal recloser communications solution with an always-on, real-time, high-speed satellite communications link designed for monitoring and controlling any unmanned equipment. These revolutionary "Global Ethernet Ports" use the BGAN M2M Service that dramatically lowers monthly cost from other satellite services. Extend your recloser WAN to any location on the planet, inexpensively, with one service provider, one network.

Global Ethernet Ports - Internet Anywhere
The Hughes 9502 has unique features that make it possibly the best remote communication solution for low-bandwidth or high-bandwidth M2M, SCADA, or any IP device control:

Hughes 9502 BGAN
Low Service Costs - Starting at $23.99 a month
Low KiloByte Cost - Pay For Only What You Transfer.
The 9502 uses special M2M BGAN service that charges between 1 to 2 cents per Kilobyte! Excellent for small packet communication. And BGAN M2M service does NOT bill for overhead data related to establishing (or reestablishing) a connection to the High-Speed satellite network. This is a great deal for remote device control.
More information on BGAN M2M Service

bullet It is a high-speed, real-time Ethernet port to the Internet mag glass for any TCP-IP/Serial M2M, SCADA device.
bullet The connection is always live 24 hours a day 7 days a week from most locations on the globe. map
bullet It operates in extreme hot or cold temperatures -40°F to 167°F (-40° to 75° C) using only 4 watts.
bullet Can use special BGAN M2M service with that does not charge for overhead networking costs.
bullet New Month-To-Month M2M Service Plans.. No long term commitments - more
bullet New Prepaid M2M plans. Purchase bulk Megabytes that can be used anytime for 1 year - more
bullet Ideal for low-bandwidth remote communication that uses from 2 to 50 Megabytes per month.
bullet Unlimited Use BGAN plans are also available for the 9502 - more
bullet BGAN M2M service only bills for the meaningful data transferred through the terminal, and not for
   overhead, connection charges, or any data not from the attached equipment or client network.
bullet Global Coverage - Equipment can be located anywhere without notification to Ground Control.
bullet Ubiquitous Global Network - Use the same service provider (Ground Control) for all remote locations.
bullet When a critical issue arises, having broadband 448 Kbps communication speed is always available.
bullet The data connection is open, and stays alive. No wake-up operation needed to transmit/receive.
bullet It is secure from hackers with powerful firewall rules in place, or use a private network for ultimate.
bullet It draws only 3 to 4 watts for an always open TCP-IP network connection. Hibernation mode draws
   just 0.01 watt and wakes up (in 30 seconds) on any LAN activity - Excellent for small solar installations.
bullet SMS messaging control. Hibernate, Activate, Get usage totals, all from any authorized browser.
bullet It does not require a laptop, or certified technician to install at remote locations. more
bullet Serial RS232 M2M devices may use a simple serial to ethernet adapter. more
bullet Service Fees for BGAN M2M start at $23.99 a month for 2 MB Plan.
bullet Hughes 9502 may be configured to operate with standard BGAN and BGAN Link Service. more info

Side view of Hughes 9502 BGAN terminal

Choose A Form Factor
The One-Piece and Two-Piece 9502 terminals operate identically. Where the One-Piece places the 9502 transceiver behind the antenna, the Two-Piece system lets you place the transceiver inside of an enclosure or inside of a building.

Hughes 9502 One-Piece BGAN Terminal Hughes 9502 Two-Piece Terminal with Enclosure

A nice feature about the One-Piece is that there is no bulky 10 meter antenna cable to deal with (we also offer a 10 foot antenna cable here), and you only need to run an Ethernet cable and a 12-24 volt DC power line to the terminal. However, the 2-Piece is less expensive, and you only need to run the antenna cable between it and the transceiver.

Hughes 9502 Stays Online 24 x 7
The 9502 maintains an around-the-clock live TCP-IP connection over the BGAN satellite network drawing only 3 to 4 watts of power. This means ANY TCP-IP device using an Ethernet connection to the 9502 is always able to communicate over the network to any IP address on the Internet instantly.

IP Watchdog - The Network Must Stay Alive
The Hughes 9502 has a unique watchdog option where the terminal will ping an external IP address after a set period of time and if it not successful, the terminal will reset, reestablishing the network connection automatically. Below is the configuration screen for setting up the watchdog service.

BGAN M2M Watchdog Service


Easy To Install
While a laptop is handy for pointing the 9502, it is not required. Many installs may be in awkward locations, such as on a pole or building side. In these cases, a pair of headphones use the audio port of the 9502 for and audible signal strength tone for pointing. We recommend the 9502 be configured to operate with connected equipment prior to remote installation... So during installation, the only action required is mounting and pointing. Excellent for non-trained personnel, or for installers who don't wish to contend with a laptop.
Headphone Installation

BGAN Inmarsat Coverage Map
Global Coverage and Service
Service for the 9502 is global except for extreme north and south polar regions. The terminal may move anywhere on the globe at any time with the same service plan.
BGAN M2M Coverage Map
BGAN M2M Service

More Hughes 9502 & BGAN M2M Service Features
BGAN M2M service is an Always-On network connection, for any kind of remote equipment.
Ideal for remote equipment that needs real-time monitoring and control 24 x 7.
DHCP supported. NAT and Relay Mode supported, Public "Global" IP addresses available.
Minimum billing increments are 1 Kilobyte (and not 100 Kilobytes as with standard BGAN service).
When equipment errors occur, real-time speeds of 464 Kbps are available to resolve them quickly.
bullet High security with firewall rules you define at no additional cost. BGAN M2M Firewall
bullet Private networking MPLS available at very reasonable prices. BGAN Security Options
bullet Monitor - Control remote terminals from one portal using the Terminal Management Portal.
Low power consumption. Normal operation use 3-4 watts for a full-time network connection.
Hibernation mode uses 0.01 watts and reestablishes network with any network activity (30 secs).
Operates in -40°F to 167°F (-40°C to 75°C) (for both IDU and ODU) - Extreme cold and hot.
Operates globally with the same service plan (and provider) for all continents. Coverage Map
May move the 9502 terminals at any time, to any location, without informing Ground Control.
IP Watchdog - Monitors and maintains the network so it's always up. more
Firmware upgrades are performed automatically (when online) at no charge.
Weight - 1.5 kb (IDU) 1.9kg (ODU-Antenna).
Supported transport protocols - TCP, UDP, ICMP, SKIP, GRE, ESP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS.
Web UI Interface - Status and control screens accessed from any connected browser.
Remote SMS Control - Activate, Deactivate, Reboot, and many other options using SMS control.
Remote AT command control for many operations. Please ask for .pdf manual after purchase.
Connectivity ports - Ethernet (RJ-45) are Plug-and-Play easy.
One or more Static / Public IP address(es) are available for each 9502 SIM Card.
Power Requirements - 12 - 24 Volt DC power supply (12 volt 2 Amp minimum).
Small size - 9502 Dimension are 385 x 285 x 33 (ODU) and 200 x 150 x 45 (IDU).
Antenna has superior
Ingress rating of IP65 - Built for extreme weather.
Latency - 900 to 1500 ms on average (Standard BGAN Latency).
bullet Relay mode passes Dynamic or Public IP address(es) to the connected device.
Low Profile - Does not attract attention from possible vandalism or theft.
Certified - FCC, CE, CSA, RoHS, EWRA.
Easy to Install. No laptop required to point antenna. No certified installer required.

Network Security
Keep your remote devices secure from unauthorized Internet traffic with a NOC side firewall that limits traffic to only your whitelist. Or setup a private MPLS network not routable from the Internet so your devices stay within only your organization's network. More on BGAN M2M Security Options.

Hughes 9520 Icon
The Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN Terminal can operate even if the antenna becomes misaligned. The 9502 is also connected to the omni directional "wide beams" of Inmarsat satellites. Access the 9502 with a "backdoor" communications channel with 9502 SMS messaging commands for many operations. This is a real advantage over satellite dish technology.
More information on BGAN Wide Beam & Narrow Beam
More Information on BGAN SMS Messaging

Management Portal - Track All - Monitor All - Control All
$19 per terminal per month - No term contracts
Ground Control's Terminal Management Portal will track, monitor and control one or more BGAN terminals from a secure intuitive web interface. This highly functional portal shows terminal GPS locations, service usage, wake-up and sleep commands, a historic log file for all activity, and many other features.

BGAN M2M Tracking Portal
The BGAN Terminal Management Portal is $19 per month per terminal. There are no term contracts, or minimum number of terminals required. You may add and remove terminals at any time. More information on the BGAN Terminal Management Portal.

Hughes 9502 Brochure
Hughes 9502 BGAN
M2M Brochure
Hughes 9502 Brochure
Hughes 9502 Brochure
Hughes 9502 Users Guide
Hughes 9502 M2M
Users Guide
Hughes 9502 Quick Setup Guide
9502 Quick Setup Guide
Hughes 9502 Systems Integrators Guide
Hughes 9502
Integrators Guide
Hughes 9502 SMS Remote Control Guide
Hughes 9502 SMS
Remote Control

Hughes 9502 with Enclosure
One Piece Hughes 9502
Tower Install
Hughes 9502 inside enclosure
Hughes 9502 Contents
Power and Ethernet Connections
Hughes 9502 One Piece on wall
Inside the one-piece 9502
Hughes 9502 Web PortalOptional Web Portal
Hughes 9502 SIM Tray
Hughes 9502 Tower Install 2
Hughes 9502 held in hand
Hughes 9502 Video
More Photos

Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal Photos    
Hughes 9502 Size   Components of the Hughes 9502
Running on 10 to 32 volts DC, the Hughes 9502 uses less than 4 watts for a full-time network connection.
The four components that make up the 9502 2-Piece terminal is the L-band antenna, 10 meters of RF cable (Type N connection at both ends) the 9502 BGAN terminal, and a TNC to Type N connector. Click for larger image.
Sim Card Slot   Connector for 9502
Installing the BGAN M2M Sim Card into the 9502. The 9502 terminal uses specialized BGAN M2M service (via BGAN M2M Sim Card), that will NOT work when installed in other BGAN terminals.
A Type-N to TNC adapter is included for the 9502 antenna port. The 10m cable has Type N connectors at both ends.
Antenna Dimentions   Antenna Connection
You may purchase our mounting bracket, or customizes your own to secure the antenna. There are 4 identical bolts protruding 17mm from the back of the antenna with 4 securing locking nuts. Dimensions of the 4 bolts are 70mm W x 90mm H on center. Bolt hole size in custom bracket should be 3/8th" or 1cm.
The Type N connection on the back of the 9502 antenna. Note the 4 bolts on the back of the antenna are identical. In the picture above, are 2 black rubber caps over 2 of the protruding bolts.
Hughes 9502 One-Piece holding in hand   Hughes 9502 One-Piece Bottom View
The Hughes 9502 One-Piece BGAN Terminal is excellent for locations that may not have an enclosure or space for the 2-piece 9502 transceiver. (The Hughes 9502 2-Piece terminal does require an enclosure).
The One-Piece places the Hughes 9502 terminal inside of a milled aluminum case two caps on both ends. Removing the caps requires only a screwdriver with the four screw-bolts. (These caps are lockable using the locking bar/plate (shown on top)

Hughes 9502 Package Hughes 9502 Standard Package Contents
Hughes 9502 Antenna Panel (ODU)
Hughes 9502 Controller (IDU)
10 Meter RF Cable (Type N male both ends)
TNC to type N connector for IDU
Click for larger image

Hughes 9502 Accessories
BGAN M2M Service
BGAN M2M Service for the Hughes 9502
The Hughes 9502 uses special BGAN M2M service. Coverage is global except for extreme north and south polar regions. Equipment can be moved and repointed anywhere without notice to Ground Control.

Info Link

BGAN Sim Card
Standard BGAN Service for the Hughes 9502
The Hughes 9502 may use Standard BGAN Service.

Standard BGAN
Info Link

BGAN Sim Card
BGAN Link Unlimited Service - Hughes 9502
The Hughes 9502 may use UNLIMITED BGAN Service using the BGAN Link Service.

Info Link

Hughes 9502 Fixed Mounting Kit
9502 Mounting Kit - Wall & Pole - Complete
Mounting arm for the 9502 antenna (on a two piece 9502), or the mounting arm for the One-Piece 9502. Includes pole top bracket and arm with bolts. Mounting arm may be affixed to pole, or wide diameter telephone pole, or wall.
More on Hughes Fixed Mounted Kit
MPN-3004066-0022 SKU-BGANAH0022
Price $100 USD
(with terminal purchase)

No 9502 Terminal
Purchase Pricing:
1 =
2 - 9 =
10 - 49 =
50+ =
9502 Fixed Mounting Bracket
9502 IDU Securing Bracket
This bracket has 3 screw holes on each side to secure the 9502 to any mounting plate. Includes 6 screws.
Click for Larger View
MPN-3500617-0001 SKU-BGANAH0024
Price $27 USD

Hughes 9502 Pigtail
Pigtail Cable - Use Your Own Enclosure
Use your own enclosure with a short bulkhead pigtail connector. (TNC to Type N). Connect the 9502 antenna cable to the outside of your enclosure. Pigtail length is 21" (53 cm).
Click for larger photo
Price $19.37 USD

Info Link
Hughes Pole Top Mount
Hughes 9502 1.6" Pole-Top Antenna Bracket
This 9502 antenna mount is designed to fit on top of a 1.6" (40mm) OD pipe (OD=Outside Diameter). The 1.6" is rated to work with the Antenna Mounting Kit. Also available in 2" for the same price.
Pictures of 1.6" 9502 Pole Top Bracket
1.6" MPN-1022994-0022 SMN-26475 SKU-BGANAH0020
1.6" Price $99 USD

Please call or
email to order

Hughes 9502 2" Pole Mount
Hughes 9502 2" Pole-Top Antenna Bracket
The 2" 9502 antenna mount is designed to fit on top or side of a 2" OD pipe (OD=Outside Diameter). You can also use any size pipe strap to mount this bracket to any size pole if you don't use the u-bolt bracketing. Note that if mounting on the side of a pole the antenna tilt angle is limited if the pole extends above the antenna height.
Pictures of 2" 9502 Pole Top Bracket Kit
2" MPN- 1022994-0024 SMN-26525 SKU-BGANAHPOLE2

2" Price $99 USD

Please call or
email to order

Antenna Bracket
Antenna Mounting Kit - Universal Pole - Mid Pole
This universal Mid-Pole Mounting Bracket will work with the Hughes 9502 two-piece Antenna. Fits 2" or larger pipe or pole. Does not include U-Bolts, or pole. This bracket can also used for securing smaller solar panels. Picture of Universal Pole Mounting Bracket

$99 USD

Please call or
email to order
Hughes 9502 10 Foot Antenna Cable
9502 RF Antenna Cable - 10 Feet
Hughes 9502 10' (foot) Antenna cable antenna cable. While the Hughes 9502 two-piece ships with a 10 meter (33 feet) antenna cable, this 10 foot cable is a bit more convenient for some installations.

$65 USD
10 Feet Length

Please call or
email to order
10 Meter RF Cable
Replacement 9502 RF Antenna Cable - 10 Meter
The 10 meter Hughes 9502 antenna cable includes an adapter TNC Connector for 9502 IDU Note - If using a different cable, the cable must be 1.8dB +/- .5dB loss from end to end.

$170 USD

Please call or
email to order
No Picture
50' RF Antenna Cable for 9502
Ground Control offers a 50' (15.24 meter) Low Loss Type N Antenna Cable for the Hughes 9502. If you need a longer cable run, we recommend purchasing the Hughes 9502 One-Piece, where only Ethernet and power are required to the 9502 terminal. Ethernet can extend up to 100 meters (330 feet).
MPN-3500634-0001 SKU-BGANAH0025

$298 USD

Please call or
email to order
Extended Warranty
Extended Warranties for 9502 Equipment
12 Month Extended Warranty (Total 2 years) MPN-SMN-26477
24 Month Extended Warranty (Total 3 years) MPN-SMN-26478
48 Month Extended Warranty (Total 5 years) MPN-SMN-26489

2 Years $170 USD
3 Year
$335 USD
5 Year $505 USD

Please call or
email to order

 BGAN 9502 M2M Specifications
Upload (Transmit) Max Speed   448 Kbps - Class 2 BGAN
Download (Receive) Max Speed   464 Kbps - Class 2 BGAN
Supported Countries   All countries except India, Iran, North Korea, & Brazil* (with some exceptions).
DHCP   Supported - From 1 to 255 connected devices
NAT & Relay Mode   Supported
Firewall   At Teleport - Whitelist and Blacklist supported free - More Information
MAC Address Filtering   Supported
Satellite Transmit Frequency   1626.5–1675 MHz (L band)
Satellite Receive Frequency   1518–1559 MHz (L band)
Firmware   Current Hughes 9502 Firmware version found here
SMS Remote Management   Supported - Wide Beam backup connectivity
GPS Frequency   1574.42–1576.42 MHz
Firmware Upgrades   Over the air or local - No Cost
IDU Weight   < 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs)
IDU Dimensions   150 mm x 200 mm x 45 mm (5.9" x 7.88" x 1.77") - Detailed Specs PDF
ODU Weight   < 1.9 Kg (4.2 lbs) excludes mount and cable
ODU Dimensions   385 mm x 385 mm x 33 mm (15.16" x 15.16" x 1.3" inch)
Antenna Securing (customized bracket)   4 bolts - 70mm W x 90mm H (On Center) - Custom Bracket Specs PDF
RF Cable Length   10 meters - Type N Male connectors at both ends
Installation Requirements   Can be installed by anyone. No certification required.
Data Connection   Ethernet RJ-45
Alternate PC Connection   USB Type B
Other Data   RS-232 (DB9) to external NMEA 0183 based GNSS device
IDU Antenna Connector   TNC Female - (9502 includes TNC to Type N adapter)
ODU Antenna Connector   Type N Female
 Environmental - Antenna and 9502 IDU
Operating Temperature   -40° C to +75° C (-40° F to +167° F)
Storage Temperature   -55° C to +75° C (-67° F to +167° F)
Humidity   95% RH at +40° C (104° F)
ODU Wind Loading   Survival wind loading (with optional mount) up to 100 mph
IDU Water and Dust   IP-40 Compliant (IDU should be within enclosure)
ODU Water and Dust   IP-65 Compliant (withstands water jets from any direction)
Input Voltage   10 to 27 volts DC
12 to 24 volts DC is nominal (12 volts 2 Amps minimum)
Normal Operation Wattage   3 to 4 watts for open full-time TCP-IP connection - Ideal for solar installations
Hibernation (wakes on any activity)   < 0.01 watt @ 12 Vdc (0.01 Watt) + 30 seconds to establish network
Transmission Wattage   Short transmission bursts may pull up to 20 watts.
Off (GPIO Control)   < 10 mW @ 12 Vdc
Country of Origin   The Hughes 9502 is manufactured in the USA

Hughes 9502 Documentation

Hughes 9502 Brochure Hughes 9502 Brochure Hughes 9502 Users Guide Hughes 9502 Quickstart  
9502 Brochure & Specs Hughes 9502 Brochure 9502 Users Manual v.J 9502 Quick Setup Guide  
Hughes 9502 System Intergrators Guide Hughes 9502 AT Command Reference Hughes 9502 SMS Remote Control Guide
Hughes 9502 Quick Setup Guide  
9502 System Integrator 9502 AT Commands Hughes 9502 SMS Remote Control Guide 9502 Quick SCADA Guide  

Why Choose Ground Control?
Rather than being just a reseller, we are experts with the Hughes 9502 and BGAN M2M network servicing hundreds of systems located worldwide. We understand this product and service inside and out and will help you develop the best solution for your unique requirements. Many who approach us have limited understanding of the technology so we're there to help answer basic and complicated questions and provide the most cost effective solution for remote monitoring and control needs. Call our Email us anytime.

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